Hey, Hey, Zebrahead

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Take one of the catchiest songs from last year and cover it with what I think is the most underrated bands and you get awesomeness.

When I clicked on this on Absolute Punk, I figured it would be some crappy live video, But no, they went all out and did a whole music video for it. The initial excitement did wear off as the cover is pretty similar to the original version. Still, Zebrahead is awesome and the song is, unfortunately, still catchy.

Update: Did some more research and this is from Zebrahead’s upcoming cover album. Here are the details:

Panty Raid
In Stores…
JAPAN: 11/04/09
WORLDWIDE: 12/08/09

1. Survivor
2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
3. Underneath It All
4. Trouble
5. London Bridge
6. Beautiful
7. Girlfriend
8. The Sweet Escape
9. Jenny From The Block
10. Rehab
11. Spice Up Your Life
12. Opps!… I Did It Again
13. Get The Party Started
14. Mickey

Japan Bonus Songs:
15. All I Want For Christmas

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