Hershey Bears – New Logo

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I’ve never seen the Hershey Bears play but have always liked them. Probably because they’ve been around forever (next year is 75 years). So when I was little (not 75 years ago) the Phantoms (in Philly) were around yet and what kid doesn’t love Hershey. So there you go.

I haven’t thought much of them in a while. The Phantoms moving away hasn’t helped my AHL knowledge. But I spotted their new logo and it’s pretty great.

I didn’t see anything about the jerseys, that will be important to put the jerseys into context and see how the all chocolate works with this solid logo.

One other thing I spotted while on the Hershey Bears site was that they are playing an outdoor game in January at Hersheypark Stadium. Ok, everyone is playing outdoor games these days. But I was excited by the logo.

Actually, I have thought about the Hershey Bears recently. Last month, the Hersheypark Arena roof caught fire. The Bears haven’t played there in 10 years but they still practice there. The arena opened in 1936. Link to a news story about the fire.

Found on Icethetics.

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