Have you ever dyed your hair?

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Is it wrong to assume that most of my female friends have dyed their hair? Not that it’s obvious or bad, I’m usually surprised to find out. I don’t have an eye for those type of things. I feel like it’s much more acceptable for girls. I’d be shocked if any of the guys have (for reasons other than Halloween or a sporting event, they still count, but not so shocked).

This is another QOTD where I ask a question that I haven’t done. I haven’t done everything so that’s a valid category of topics. I’ve never dyed my hair, but I still have thoughts of just doing it for doings sake. I’d go with dark red, but I’m open to suggestions. Not that it’s likely to happen since I’m going to be expected to be somewhat professional in school.

I do remember back in high school when the topic came up a lot. It was 10th grade when everyone was bleaching their hair. All the cool kids were doing it. I remember discussing it in AP Computer Science, as I mentioned, cool kids. My teacher in that class was really cool. I had her for both years of programming. I think she was a new math teacher who volunteered to teach the programming class. So in 9th grade, she was really learning while we were. One day we were discussing bleaching our hair in class. I’m not sure if I was serious or just talking it up because I thought it was ridiculous. Back then, I probably thought it was a good idea. The teacher came by and heard us talking about it and flipped out. She argued against it saying I would look terrible and that my hair was fine the way it was. I remember this really upsetting her the rest of class. I may have even asked her a question later in class and she was asking me to make sure I wasn’t seriously considering it. I didn’t really think about it after that, except to wonder, would it really be that upsettingly bad?

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