From the Notebook, 12/2

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I feel smart when I know the name of a city’s newspaper without having to look it up.

An easily forgotten perk of moving to a new place is getting the various catalogs of the previous resident. Sometimes it comes in really handy. My last apartment I got SI and some other magazines for the entire year. I attempted to have them forwarded but they just came back to me, I put in my effort to correct the problem, I can’t be expected to do any more. You learn a lot about the person that used to live there. Maybe they liked to golf or owned a BMW. The most recent catalog I received was for Boston Coffee Cakes. They have an amazing looking cake of the month club. Sadly, I’ve never belonged to an anything of the month club. However, $290 is a little steep to have some cake delivered each month.

If you are paying with a check at the grocery store, everyone gets to pick something out of your cart to eat while they wait.

I had to break out my suitcases to pack to go home for Thanksgiving break. To clear things up, I went to DC for the weekend to see Penn State play and then had the week off of school to go home. So a suitcase was warranted. But oh the surprises hidden in those suitcases. Hidden inside some of the compartments were a jacket and t-shirt I’d been looking for for months which I thought had mysteriously vanished during my move. So it’s not finding cash in a pocket of old clothing, but it still made my day. Which is hard to do because I so despise packing.

For all the advances in technology in movies, they still haven’t figured out how to make dogs talk. Evidence: Santa Paws

Watch: Sherlock – It was 3 episodes on the BBC and then PBS. Not sure if that was the whole show, or just Season 1. I still have only watched the first one but I’m really anxious to watch the rest but I want to be able to focus and I haven’t had 90 consecutive minutes to do so.

Read: Sleepwalk with Me – Mike Birbiglia’s book. I was worried that I wouldn’t love it because I’ve seen all his standup specials and even saw the Sleepwalk with Me show in NYC last year. I was wrong. It’s so good it made me angry because I won’t be able to write a book that funny.

Listen: Girl Talk – All Day – I’m apparently out of the look on Girl Talk, but no longer.

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