Five Speedsitck, That’s What Enemies Are Five

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Not a great SNL this week. I thought Zac Efron was a good host but the sketches were eh. During Weekend Update, Jon Bovi showed up (the Bon Jovi opposite band). I think this was their second appearance. Something about them just kills me. Why does the simple act of using the opposite words in songs make it so funny? Actually, they say that if you like Bon Jovi, you want a cover band, but if you hate Bon Jovi, then you want an opposite band. Which is why I probably like them so much, I’m not much of a Bon Jovi fan.

Their opposite of That’s What Friends Are For is their best work to date. Seth tries to point out that Five is not the opposite of Four and Speedstick is not the opposite of Sure, but what does he know?

Hulu has their last appearance too … They did AA Bottom (ZZ Top) and Staying Put (Journey)

The two videos look almost exactly the same, but they are different.

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