Fast Food/Restaurant Chains You’d Like Close By

Fives, Mike 3 Comments

Traveling to North Carolina last weekend I was able to go to one of my favorite chains for dinner, Noodles. Got me thinking of the other chains that I really like but aren’t anywhere near home.

1. Steak ‘N Shake – If I’m in a place that I knows has one then this is my first stop for a banana shake.
2. Noodles – My Minnesota favorite.
3. Buffalo Wild Wings – While I lived in Minnesota this was the place to go. I see commercials for it a lot but haven’t ever seen another location. Is it called BW3 everywhere?
4. Shoney’s – I had to reach a bit but I remember going here on vacation when I was little and I absolutely destroyed the breakfast buffet. I can’t eat a third as much these days as I could when I was little.
5. White Castle – In the 5 spot because Jersey is too far away and the last time I went it wasn’t the best.

For these, I’d like a location a little closer.
Sonic – Slowly moving closer. There is one about 25 minutes away now.
Pita Pit – There is one in Philly.

I’m sure some of the California burger chains would make this list, but I didn’t try any of them when I went last year. It’s on my list of things to accomplish when I return.

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