Ernie Davis Sponsored by Nike?

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I was at the Penn State/Syracuse game last weekend. The big event of the weekend was the premiere of The Express, the movie about Ernie Davis. Before the game a statue was unveiled. As my friends and I were wandering around campus we came across the statue. I took some pictures but didn’t notice anything off about it.

I started hearing earlier in the week about Nike logos on the statue. Nike didn’t exist when he played. I looked at my pictures and didn’t see anything on the jersey. Looks like the logos are on the shoes. Here is the latest post from the site I first read about it. Turns helmet was also a newer style. From the stories it seems that Nike had nothing to do with it and it was the sculptor’s fault. He says it will be an easy fix. Guess I have to go back to Syracuse at some point to update my pictures.

I had the picture posted and today got an email from a site wanting to include my pictures on a page about it. The site is called NowPublic. Looks like a news site with a ton of user-interaction. Someone must have tagged my pictures to be added and it was very easy to approve.

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