Electronic Cigarette

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I was looking through the Costco newsletter that shows up in my inbox each week. Probably the only newsletter/ad that I actually look at every time it comes, I love Costco deals. Anyway, this caught my attention. I’ve never heard of an electronic cigarette.

My first question was if they could be used in resturants. Right in the description it says, ‘They can be legally smoked in bars, restaurants, the work place, and even TSA approved for airports.’ It’s no surprise that they would be legal. Still, if you use this somewhere that smoking isn’t allowed, you are probably going to be asked to stop. The lack of smoke will likely reduce the number of complaints, but it’s still going to happen. Then you are going to have to go through the whole explaination about how it’s actually electronic. Unless these become really widespread, that is just going to lead to a whole series of questions.

I do think it’s a pretty good idea. I would guess that part of the addiction would be becoming accostomed to holding the cigarette. This would take care of that problem. Somethine a patch or gum could not.

I still have some curiousities. How does it work? Does it last as long as a normal cigarette? What happens when the battery dies? Does the end light up when in use?

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