El Moldo does it again

Mike, TV No Comment

I’ve been watching Carson Comedy Classics on Reelz Channel. It was a syndicated best of The Tonight Show that ran in the early 80s. Since it ran then, it doesn’t contain anything from the last 10 years Carson hosted. Obviously there are a lot of references that I don’t get. Seeing as I wasn’t born when these aired. It is funny recently to watch them and heard jokes about Swine Flu and Roman Polanski. Odd that things come back 30 years later.

I’ve seen lots of Carson highlight tapes from after the show ended. So I’ve seen most of his recurring characters. One that I didn’t remember seeing before watching these shows is El Moldo, the mentalist. He gets me everytime. Carson seems to crack up every time he does it. He makes obvious statements and passes it off as him being a mentalist. His main interest is taking money from his subjects.

This video was the only older one I could find on YouTube. Funny, I just watched this one the other day.

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