Dog Night at Shea

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No one told me about this! I was watching the Phillies game and they started talking about how it was dog night. They had a camera in the section and a whole buch of people had their dogs sitting with them and there were dogs in the aisles too. There was a parade in the outfield and a picnic before the game. Details here.

I have a few questions …

  • How do the fans treat dogs who are fans of the Phillies?
  • Are some dogs fans of a different team than their owners?
  • Are souvenirs designed for dogs available? I didn’t see any dogs in jerseys. There are lots of dogs at Penn State games with jerseys. I saw in the details that blue foam paws are available.
  • Does the grounds crew have to do extensive clean-up of the warning track after the pre-game parade?
  • Do you have to clean up after yourself in the bleachers? I’ve seen what people leave behind, so dogs might actually be cleaner than an actual person.
  • Do fights break out?
  • Has a dog ever caught a home run ball?
  • Do they have dog specific chants? Some of the clapping ones could easily be replaced with barks.
  • Are there vendors walking around with dog treats?

This is possibly my second favorite ballpark promotion. Of course Senior Stroll the Bases is still stronly in that #1 spot.

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