Do you still like Dave Matthews Band?

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  • Mike

    In High School, along with everyone else, I was a big fan of Dave Matthews Band. I had all the albums: studio and live along with the rare tracks. I was right in there with the ‘cool’ kids calling him Dave. My Freshman Year of college I went to my first DMB show. That day is also referred to as my last day as a DMB fan. The show was just lousy. He didn’t really play any hits. People who have been to tons of shows didn’t even care for this show. I was drifting away from being a fan, that show had just sealed it. I moved on, the albums have been sitting, collecting dust. I haven’t listened to one all the way through since.

    Today on Sirius I heard Ants Marching and greatly enjoyed it. I tried to think of the DMB songs that I still love. The ones that came to mind:
    Crash Into Me
    and my favorite … Lie In Our Graves

    Possible Honorable Mention to Tripping Billies and Stay (Wasting Time).

    That’s all that’s left of a once great collection.