Dinner in Scotland

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Isn’t the question of who you’d want to have dinner with a college application staple? I never had to answer it, but in case I ever do need to, now I have an answer: David Sedaris, Rashida Jones, Craig Ferguson, and whoever that other person is (she has a reality show of some sort about Alaska on Discovery).

The only lack of amazement comes from this going exactly as I would have expected. David Sedaris with very inappropriate topics during dinner, Craig helping continue those topics, and Rashida being disgusted and curious all at the same time. Even the Alaskan helped out by not knowing anything and having David explain things in further detail.

Craig is in Scotland this week. It only reinforces the fact that I need a job so I can visit Scotland. I think it might be on the top of my list.

Also in the episode, was a great interview with Mila Kunis, in a graveyard. That seems like enough explanation. I don’t ever watch Craig, but I enjoy the randomness I saw in this episode. I’ll be TiVo’ing the rest of this week.

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