Did you hear Tebow got knocked out?

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I’m surprised ABC didn’t cut to live coverage from the hospital with cut-ins of the Penn State game.

As for the Penn State game, the outcome wasn’t all that surprising. I was aware that the O-line was not very good. I also remembered that last year Stanzi was able to drop in mid-range passes with ease. Once the line was compromised Clark couldn’t do anything. I’m not sure the weather had anything to do with all his overflows, he was just rushed. Either actually rushed or rushed in his head. He has no confidence in his line to protect him, rightfully so.

Losing after being 3-0 is much easier to take than when 9-0. At least without playing anyone I didn’t have any idea if we were actually good, so I wasn’t built up readying for a shot at the national championship.

Even with the linebackers healthy I think this O-line could lead us to 3 or 4 losses this year.

Checking the USA Today BCS Computer Rankings, Iowa is now ranked #1. Penn State actually climbed to #30 in those rankings, last week I think they were somewhere in the 40s.

Some other thoughts …
Don’t pick against USF in a big game.

Don’t play a close game against Michigan and let the refs have a chance to get involved. They did say later that it wasn’t reviewable. Which brings two thoughts to mind: 1) What exactly did they spend time reviewing? 2) They refs are still terrible for not making the correct call on the field, it was pretty obvious.

This weeks game that I should have been able to watch: Cal @ Oregon

I’m going to shield my eyes as everyone jumps on the Ducks bandwagon.

I realize I’m not in SEC country, but some local channel should be picking up the SEC Network games from ESPN. Thankfully ESPNews jumped to the LSU/Mississippi St game.

Average Games
Temple 37 Buffalo 13 – This game gave me hope that PSU’s SoS would improve with Temple being a threat in the MAC. So much for that. Still, I’m going to keep an eye on the MAC for Temple’s chances.
Rutgers 34 Maryland 13 – Not good for Maryland. Good thing they have that 3 point win against JMU under their belt. When Virginia visits in a few weeks they can fight it out for last place. Any other Maryland wins would have to be considered a huge upset at this point.
NC State 38 Pitt 31 – Pitt was up 31-17 with about 4min to go in the 3rd before NC State scored the rest of the points. Pretty evenly matched teams, both of whom could compete in their respective conferences.
Notre Dame 24 Purdue 21 – With the PSU game on, I only jumped to this game a little. ND scored with :25 left to go ahead. I’d say that qualifies for a quality pick for this segment.

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