BF College Football Week 2 Recap

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This is the first in what I hope will be a series of college football analysis. Today Evan, Ahad, and Matt join me for a look at some topics of interest from this past weekend.

Washington/BYU – Excessive Celebration may have cost Washington the game.
Evan: If that happened to UF there would have been riots in the streets.
Ahad: Terrible call. The refs are not supposed to decide the outcome of the game. Granted, Washington still had a shot to make the PAT, but the call shouldn’t have been made.
Matt: I agree with you Ahad, and pretty much everyone else on the topic. Very bad call. It seems like they would probably blame the kicker, but if I remember the highlight correctly, it didn’t seem like he had a chance due to the poor blocking up front.
Mike: I was flipping between this game and the PSU game after PSU had the game in hand. That was an impressive drive by Locker. I can’t blame the ref in this case as throwing the ball in the air is specifically stated in the rules. Yes, its a stupid stupid rule and should be changed. So blame everyone who should have taken this out years ago.

Notre Dame/San Diego State
Evan: Notre Dame will be better than last year, but not by much. Lou Holtz predicted 11 wins, I don’t see how. I say 5 at the most – NC, Navy, Pitt, Syracuse
Ahad: Notre Dame is terrible, they don’t deserve a topic.
Matt: Haha, well, they aren’t very good. Let’s just leave it at that.
Mike: One call and San Diego State goes up 8 and demoralizes ND, likely winning the game. The same SDSU team that lost to Cal Poly last week.

Evan: Miami is much better than people give them credit for. They’ve got a sick amount of talent, and their defense is light years ahead of their offense. I’m fine with the way UF played.
Ahad: Miami’s defense has some quality players. Once they get some experience and an offense, this team will be solid.
Matt: I only watched some of the game, but I was shocked by how close it was for 3 quarters.
Mike: I flipped in on to see the Gators quickly put the game away. It reminded me of the Gator basketball team two years ago. They were in cruise control and then would turn it on to win easily. Only use as much energy as needed. As long as they realize they can’t do that in SEC games, they should be ok.

East Carolina/West Virginia
Evan: Combination of them being better than people thought and both Virginia Tech and West Virginia being severely overrated.
Ahad: West Virginia has bought into their own and got completely dominated. Lou Holtz made a comment that he told everyone that one day he would only be know as Skip Holtz’s father. We are a long way from that, but give them credit.
Matt: They seem like a pretty good team, but I have an issue with them jumping as high as they did in the polls. I am sure it was based on the fact they beat the #8 team, but they leapfrogged PSU (at least in the AP poll, I think). I think they should be ranked more like they are in the Coaches.
Mike: I agree with Stewart Mandel that WVU hired the wrong coach. This team was built a certain way, to run the spread. Makes me wonder why I didn’t hear more blame for Rich Rodriguez being the cause of Michigan’s loss to Utah last week. From what I’m seeing he is not a football coach but a spread coach. Michigan has enough talent to win if you coach to your players abilities. As for East Carolina … yes, they are a good team but WVU and Virginia Tech aren’t actually Top 10 quality teams. Being in Conference-USA they have a chance to run the table.

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