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College Football Preview – Week 14

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Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh, Saturday 12pm
Evan: This is simple. Who would I rather see play in the Orange Bowl? The truth is neither, I wish the Big East didn’t even have an automatic bid. I think the Bearcats offense is simply too explosive. Pick: Cincy
Ahad: Have I mentioned how much I don’t like Pitt? For that reason I’m going with Cincy. Pick: Bearcats
Matt: This is a tough game to call, especially with Pitt playing at home. Cincy should be able to put up a ton of points, but can their defense make a play? They haven’t played well of late. They need to be able to stop Lewis and the run game. If they don’t, they can kiss their BCS hopes goodbye. I think they will get the job done, though. Pick: Cincinnati
Mike: I’d like Pitt to make it a game but I think Pike is back and firing on all cylinders. They should just pick Pitt apart and score as many points as they need. Pick: Cincinnati

Florida vs Alabama, Saturday 4pm
Evan: Oh boy. Obviously 2 great defenses. Florida suffered a loss this week because we have a moron for an all-american defensive end. The good news is that our defensive line has more depth than any other unit. A lot of people will say that this will be a defensive struggle, a low scoring affair. However, I think td’s will be scored and see a game in the high teens, low 20’s. Pick: UF 20, Bama 17
Ahad: Should be a great defensive matchup. I think if Tebow has a great game he might win the Heisman. I will have to go with Evan on this one. Pick: Gators
Matt: I think Evan is accurate in his score prediction. It will probably be a score in the 20’s. As much as I like Florida, I’d like to see another team in the Championship Game this year. I hate picking against Tebow, because with his superhuman abilities, he would probably find a way to win, but I am gonna go with Alabama (sorry Evan) Pick: Alabama
Mike: Shouldn’t we have all written this pick in the preseason to save some time now? I’m surprised nobody sees a blowout. Isn’t this a Tebow carrying the team on his back game? There have been 17 SEC Championship games. UF/Bama has been the matchup six times, with UF winning four of them. There may be some Bama revenge from last year, but I don’t see it. This is Tebow’s NCAA. Pick: Florida

Texas vs Nebraska, Saturday 8pm
Evan: No other conferences have as many crazy upsets in their championship game as the Big 12. In this college football year of not many exciting games, and few major upsets, I don’t think Nebraska has a chance. Texas is playing for a spot in the Championship game. Pick: Texas
Ahad: The Big 12 North is terrible and Texas will be looking to prove that they are not the 3rd best team in the country. Texas will have no problems with Nebraska. Pick: Texas
Matt: I hear some people saying Nebraska will give Texas a close game, but I am not really seeing it. Texas likely gets into the BSC Championship Game with a win. Pick: Texas
Mike: Yawn. I put this game in to include the Conference Championships. Is Nebraska capable of an upset? Sure. But who’s picking that? Nebraska’s loss to Iowa State killed any chance of anyone picking them. Pick: Texas

Georgia Tech vs Clemson, Saturday 8pm
Evan: Why don’t we just have Georgia play South Carolina instead and declare them ACC champs? That could be the new prize for finishing 5th and 6th in SEC, which both the Bulldogs and Gamecocks were before they both stomped these two ACC title contenders last week. Pick: Clemson
Ahad: I am fan of the G-Tech option attack. If Nesbit didn’t get hurt against Georgia, they probably would have won that game. Pick: G-Tech
Matt: Both teams are coming off losses in their respective rivalry game. There should be lots of rushing yards for both teams. Which team can stop the run better? Georgia Tech won their first meeting earlier this season, and they should complete the sweep. Pick: Georgia Tech
Mike: I’m guessing this will be the game of the day. GT won the first matchup, very early in the season, 30-27. That game was at GT. Clemson hit a large bump (canyon?) early in the season with their loss to Maryland. They’ve crawled their way back ever since. I get the feeling that GT usually gets the advantage with their unique offense taking some getting used to. Clemson will not be surprised having even more experience against them and nearly beating them. Pick: Clemson

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