College Football Preview – Week 14 – Civil War

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Oregon State @ Oregon, Thursday 9pm
Matt: This should be a great game. Winner goes to the Rose Bowl for the right to beat Ohio State. First one to score 40 wins? I think the team that runs the ball the best will win the game, and there are some really good runners in this game on both sides. I am not completely confident in my pick, but I am gonna go with Oregon at home. Pick: Oregon
Evan: Why is this game at 9? That means I have to tivo the end and watch it in the morning. I have always been intrigued by the Civil War but the game usually never had any significance. I am excited that that has changed this year. I think it’s the Ducks year. Pick: Oregon
Ahad: The Beavers don’t have the defense to stop the Ducks offense. Pick: Oregon
Mike: Didn’t this game decide the Rose Bowl last year as well? If Oregon State would have won last year, they would have gone to the Rose Bowl against Penn State. Oregon won 65-38. I just had to double check I didn’t pull up the basketball box score. So there are some outside factors at work here. OSU is looking for revenge. Could the reverse happen this year? I’m with Evan that this game is on too late. Who cares if its on the west coast. There are my two favorite Pac-10 teams. I’m sheepishly picking Oregon. I don’t want to jinx them but they have the ability to win this game in a normal situation. However, they don’t show up every week. Pick: Oregon

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