College Football is Back

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I don’t know what I do with my Saturdays the rest of the year. They are pretty much worthless. At least they must be since devoting every Saturday for the next 3+ months to College Football has no adverse affects on my life. I guess that might depend on who you are.

Penn State was in action against Florida International. Thanks to the new people at the Big Ten Network I had to head out to a bar to watch the game. Penn State won easily 59-0. It could have easily been much worse. PSU forced 6 fumbles, had 7 sacks, a blocked field goal, and a blocked punt.

My favorite PSU post game items each week:
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PSU Player Quotes

Let’s straighten out this whole division thing. Everyone had issues with it on TV. The old 1-AA was referred to as ‘what used to be called 1-AA but is now called something else’ division. When you say that every time, it eats up a lot of TV time. Here is what the official changes were: 1-A is now the Bowl Subdivision and 1-AA is now the Championship Subdivision. Why they needed to change, I’m not entirely sure. Was moral down in 1-AA that they were lesser? You know what, they are the second tier. I don’t think anyone feels any different now that they are the Championship Subdivision. Does this mean that the Bowl Subdivision cannot have a championship? Are we stuck with bowls forever now. What if a Championship Subdivision team is good enough for a bowl bid? Do they not get a shot? Then you complicate things more with the Subdivision part. I guess you can’t just go with Division because there is already the separation between D1, D2, and D3. I’m sticking with 1-A and 1-AA. I have no problem with change, I just like my changes to be for the better.

Baseball was overshadowed by all this football. Saturday night Clay Buchholtz threw a no-hitter for the Red Sox. Standard procedure is to show the entire 9th Inning of a no-hitter on ESPN. Instead they broke in to show the first 2 outs of the 9th after they happened, then switched to the game. The KSU/Auburn game was close, but it wasn’t near the end. At the very least split-screen it. ESPN2 could have shown it too. I don’t even remember what they were showing at the time. mlb.com likely had the coverage, they are usually solid on these type of things. I really can’t wait for the MLB Channel.

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