College Football Confuses Me

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So, uhh, who’s good?
Florida – Yes, but there are a ton of SEC teams hanging around the Top 10. UF should take them all, but enough of them will make for interesting games.
Texas – Yes. The Big 12 isn’t as good this year, but never count Oklahoma out.
Penn State – They haven’t played anyone. The teams they have played they should have been putting up 50+.
California – They let Minnesota hang too tight, but they could come out standing in the Pac10. Especially if USC isn’t very good.

I had this thought last week, with some of the directional Michigans being competitive (and CMU beating MSU), that in the last game of the year Michigan should play the Directional Michigan All-Stars. Would this game be at all evenly matched?

Flipping through I found Delaware St/Delaware on PBS. Football on PBS? Is that even allowed? There were probably some angry people looking for whatever PBS’s usual Saturday afternoon programming is.

A little ridiculous that Nebraska/VTech wasn’t on TV here. I appreciate getting Arizona/Iowa, but I think we have enough channels to fit a game like this.

Does anyone know how to run a network? Big Ten Network did a split screen, I think during a review, of JoePa and Al Golden. They had the coaches names backwards. Not too terrible, JoePa looks similar to so many coaches. On CBS College Sports they were covering the post-game celebrating when they just cut to a band coming into a stadium with no sound, I assume it was the next game, after a few seconds they went back to the original game.

I only caught a few minutes of the Cincy/Oregon St game on FCS Central, but their announces stood out as my favorite of the day. Maybe I just caught them at a good minute, I’ll have to keep an eye for which game they are covering next week. According to Awful Announcing, Rich Burk and Steve Preece were covering the game.

The Versus clock has hundredths of a second with under a minute left. I don’t remember seeing tenths before. Is this on all Versus games? Is it necessary?

I can’t think of a worse idea of tranferring than Mitch Mustain. He goes 8-0 as a freshman at Arkansas. Now he’s the 3rd string QB at USC. Corp was just awful in the loss to UW and it didn’t look like Carroll had any thought of bringing him in. I’m not sure how he thought he’d have a better shot at the starting job at USC than at Arkansas. Starting at Arkansas this year is Ryan Mallett, who transferred from Michigan to Arkansas.

Average Games
To keep the list short, the last game I cut was Louisville/Kentucky, which wound up being one of the best early games.
In the other games, Indiana won by 17, Iowa won by 10, and UConn won by 8. The closest of the bunch was Northwestern/Syracuse. Cuse won with a FG as time expired. The game wasn’t on TV here so I had to load up ESPN360 to watch the last few minutes. I’m glad that works so well these days and is a good backup for these type of games.

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