Clip Catchup

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My video clips were interrupted by my trip to Spring Training. I’m all caught up now on the nightly talk shows. You know what that means. Tons of Jim Cramer on The Daily Show clips. Actually, no. You’ve seen them linked on every other site. Plus, the interview wasn’t all that interesting. The points were made earlier in the week and Cramer was just a small part of all that. Here’s some other stuff …

This was funny on its own, even without it making fun of Glenn Beck.

I flipped on SNL and turned it off, thinking it was a rerun. Turns out it was new and on my DVR when I returned home. This one I liked the concept more than the execution. I’m not even done watching it so hopefully there are some better sketches.

Colbert tearing apart Ayn Rand. Excellent work Stephen.

Excellent New Rules from Bill Maher last week. His commentary starts around the 3 minute mark. The government isn’t a bad thing. Seems odd that it needs to even be said.

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