Christmas Gifts: Iron Gym

Mike No Comment

Back in 9th and 10th grade we lived in an apartment and I put a pull-up bar in the doorway into the kitchen. I’d just walk by, see it, do a few pull-ups. I was never in better shape. You could also contribute the ‘being in shape’ to playing 2 sports per year in those grades. That number dwindled to 1 (and that track season, it could be argued, should only count as .5 in terms of effort) and then to none my senior year. We moved after my 10th grade year and the pull-up bar was left behind in the apartment.

In comes the Iron Gym. An unexpected gift under the tree. I’m sure I saw the commercial, but I didn’t really pay attention. Its a bit more involved than my old pull-up bar. The old one really was just a rod that we screwed into the door way. The Iron Gym sort of latches onto the door jam. At first I was pretty nervous that the whole thing would come crashing down. More because I have little faith that the house can stand any extra pressure on it. So far, so good, my door is still intact.

In a few weeks, expect me to look like this …

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