College Football Week 7 Recap

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Who’s #1?
Evan: I’m ok with Texas as number 1. Bama’s resume is less impressive as we see how mediocre/bad Clemson is. We’re basically comparing big wins, and Texas’ victory over Oklahoma is bigger than Bama’s over Georgia.
Matt: I am fine with Texas as the new #1. They beat the old #1, so I think it makes sense. The fact that Alabama was idle hurt their chances of moving up (or moving down considering they could have fallen with the other Top 5’ers). I felt that Penn State should have garnered some first place votes, though.
Mike: Texas earned #1 but how does Alabama get all those 1st place votes and none for Penn State? Has Alabama proven themselves that much more than Penn State?
Ahad: Texas should be #1, for now. The victory over Oklahoma sealed that. PSU earned some first place in the USA today poll.

How many wins will Michigan finish with?
Evan: 4
Matt: I see maybe one more win (Purdue), two at most if they are lucky.
Mike: 3. They have to win one of the Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern stretch. Right?
Ahad: 4

Penn State
Evan: I thought Penn State looked great (thank you captain obvious). If they play like that every week, they’re in the national championship game.
Matt: I am still trying to temper my enthusiasm about this Penn State team, but they are playing great on both sides of the ball and special teams. They just need to keep up the intensity every week.
Mike: I was not expected that sort of whipping. Now I’ve got my sights set on a 100 point game against Michigan. Really, the team did not play well in the 1st quarter. D-Will had a TD go right through his arms, he also muffed the kickoff. Clark had another fumbled snap. We need to get the early jitters out of the way.
Ahad: I am holding back on this team. I don’t want to get too far ahead of things. Let’s focus on one game at a time. The team was very impressive against Wisconsin. The situation at middle linebacker still scares me. If this team is going to contend for a national championship, they need to tighten up on the mistakes.

Evan: It’s about freaking time! We all knew the offense was there somewhere, I guess it just facing one of the best defenses in the country for us to realize our full potential. If they play like that every week, they’re in the national championship game.

Evan: Great game, a real shootout,er, rivalry. Neither team looked to have an impressive defense, which means they could both lose again, specifically to OSU, Missouri, or Texas Tech. However, if Texas plays like that every week, they’re in the national championship game.
Matt: I watched most of this game, and I must say the officiating was pretty poor. There were numerous blown calls. I agree with Evan, both teams were not very impressive defensively, but that may have been due to each team’s prolific offense. I don’t think Texas will be #1 for too long.
Mike: Were the officials picked from a contest at the fair? That was terrible. I do want to go to that fair though. I really thought Oklahoma would score on every drive and Texas would only be able to on 75% of them. I’ve heard a lot of blame toward Stoops faking that punt, but I liked that call. The game turned when Oklahoma LB Ryan Reynolds went down.
Ahad: This game was a heartbreaker for me. The officiating was horrendous. The 2 late hits on McCoy were brutal. The running into the kicker penalty was a blown call. I also questioned the use of replay. OU had a clear interception in the end zone that was rule incomplete and was never reviewed. The first TD for OU was reviewed and upheld as a TD when the receiver never broke the plane. The fake punt didn’t bother me. Stoops was trying to get some momentum back and it didn’t work. I agree with Mike that the game turned when Reynolds hurt his knee (I wonder where he heard that). Texas was able to get Shipley matched up on the backup middle linebacker in zone coverage in the middle of the field. The season is not over for OU as they can still win the Big 12 and get into a BCS bowl game.

Missouri/Oklahoma State
Evan: I called it, none of you did. I’m awesome. You guys suck.
Matt: Evan, can you confirm if Chase Daniels called him mom crying? Maybe he shouldn’t change his number ever again.
Mike: I didn’t see too much of this game until the Penn State game was over. Each time we saw highlights we assumed Daniels was hurt because the QB wasn’t wearing his number. I still don’t know what the deal was with that. Evan gets credit for a nice pick. I did say I thought it was the most unpredictable game of the week.
Ahad: Why was Chase wearing 25? I didn’t know he was trying to win Matt’s approval by wearing his favorite number. He needs to go back to 10 and honor Darren Daulton.

Matt Saw Gary Payton Note
Gary Payton was at the bar I was at Saturday night. The Oregon alumni club also watches their games at the same bar as us, so I thought he might be there for that, until I realized he went to Oregon State. It turns out he was in town to raise the 12th man flag at the Seahawks game. He also is among a bunch of players trying to bring an NBA team back to Seattle.

Ahad Gets Copied By Blackledge Note
Did anyone else hear Todd Blackledge say the Big 12 is clearly the best conference in football? I didn’t know he is an avid reader of our weekly posts. Glad to see that this has spread onto the national scene. Maybe he will invite us on his bus.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Matt Mike Ahad
Texas @ Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma
Notre Dame @ North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina
LSU @ Florida Florida Florida LSU Florida
Penn State @ Wisconsin Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State
Oklahoma State @ Missouri Oklahoma State Missouri Missouri Missouri
Record (This Week) 14-11 (4-1) 11-14 (3-2) 12-13 (3-2) 15-10 (3-2)

Scores from Week 7

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