College Football Week 15 Recap

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Which team has the biggest beef with the BCS?
Ahad: My vote is Texas Tech. Ohio State does not deserve to be in a BCS bowl game. How do teams that have one loss, or go undefeated like Boise State, get passed over for the big time bowl games? I understand that the rules state that only 2 teams from each conference can make it, but that isn’t right. I don’t even know how much money this drop in bowl games will cost Texas Tech. No wonder Mike Leach is probably going to leave. He knows that he will always finish behind Texas and OU, so why not go to a place where he has a legit shot at going to a big-time bowl game. I think it is about time for the traditional BCS bowl alliances to be put to rest. The Big 10/Pac 10 Rose Bowl has a lot of history behind it, but it is time for a change. A great matchup this year would have been Texas against either USC/Bama or PSU. Texas should have no problem beating OSU. They have nothing to win in this game.
Mike: I’m with Ahad. I think Texas Tech and Boise State deserved a shot over Ohio State. I understand OSU’s losses are to BCS teams, but that shouldn’t put them in over the two teams I mentioned. Actually, just go read Ahad’s thoughts again. I agree with him 100%.
Matt: I am in agreement with Ahad and Mike. No one wants to see Ohio State get crushed on a big stage again. Those other teams deserve a shot. Something really needs to be done, but I don’t think anyone really has a solid plan. I doubt the traditional bowl games will ever go away. The conferences want their money. Good for them, not good for the fans.
Evan: I agree with everything that has already been said. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ohio St is going away. Even if they do get crushed by Texas, the emergence of Pryor will ensure that the Buckeyes continue to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the voters, which sickens me to the core.

Mike: After watching these last few weeks, I can’t come up with a good reason for Tebow not to win his second Heisman.
Matt: I would vote for Tebow as well, but I also think Sam Bradford deserves it. He has had a hand in around the same amount of touchdowns this year that Tebow had last year. But what Tebow has done since the Ole Miss loss has just been simply remarkable. He is the penultimate leader. I found it funny that Gary Danielson, or whoever was broadcasting with Verne Lundquist during the SEC Championship game, asked the same question during the game that Evan asked last week about who you would pick to start a college football team with. No doubt he was thinking Tebow as well.
Ahad: I agree that the Heisman will come down to Tebow and Bradford. You can make a strong case for both to win it. I would not be upset if one of those two won it. I have a feeling that it will be Bradford. There will probably be some very traditional voters that don’t think someone should win the Heisman two years in a row.
Evan: I was jumping up and down when Gary Danielson said the thing about starting a college football team from scratch! I believe my exact words “**** you Gary Danielson! I already said that, but I hope everyone is listening!!” My hope is that McCoy and Bradford split a lot of the midwest/west vote and Tebow is able to sneak in.

Last Week’s Picks
Evan Matt Ahad Mike
Ball State vs Buffalo Ball State Ball State Ball State Ball State
Pittsburgh @ Connecticut Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Boston College vs Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Boston College
Alabama vs Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida
South Florida @ West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
Missouri vs Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Record (This Week) 36-31 (5-1) 38-28 (5-1) 41-26 (5-1) 35-32 (4-2)

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