College Football Week 12 Recap

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Indiana/Penn State
Mike: There isn’t much to say about this game. No surprise Daryl Clark made some mistakes, happens every game, especially in the 1st quarter. This was the first Penn State game I was able to watch on Big Ten Network. The first game I didn’t have BTN yet. The second game I had BTN but Verizon chooses 1 game to air nationally and PSU was not selected. All I really noticed was that the camera work was horrendous. The announcers weren’t that bad. I think Charles Davis was the analyst and he did a nice job. So far so good for BTN. As long as you avoid Friday Night Tailgate at all costs.
Ahad: I was a little concerned when I saw the score was 10-7 at the half. I guess the team came out flat again. That can’t happen against Michigan State.
Matt: The team did come out flat, and Clark turned the ball over a few times. I just don’t understand…you can see him making the effort to cover up the ball when he runs, but he still ends up fumbling it. I was surprised at how much we threw the ball. That was not expected in soggy weather conditions. The camera work was definitely awful during the game, but I did like the guys in the box. They were a little bit more pro-Penn State as opposed to that awful duo that includes Andre Ware. I would also like some clarification. If both USC and Oregon State win out, Oregon State wins the Pac-10 by virture of their win over USC. Does this mean we have to play OSU again in the Rose Bowl? Can something be done about that, cause I would rather see Penn State play someone different like USC.
Mike: From everything I’m hearing Oregon State goes to the Rose Bowl if they win out. I don’t think there are tiebreakers in the Big 10, which is why in 2005 Penn State and Ohio State were co-champions even though Penn State beat Ohio State. However, they do have tiebreakers for who will represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. The same may be true of the Pac 10.

Mike: I think the Gators are good.
Ahad: Judging only by the final score, the Gators seem to be clicking at the right time.
Matt: No one has even challenged the Gators since Ole Miss beat them. Florida is really, really good. Counting down to the SEC title game vs. Alabama now.

Mike: Right now the ACC Championship matchup is Maryland vs Miami. That could all change as both teams can lose the top spot by losing (Maryland vs Florida State and Miami vs Georgia Tech). Can we have the ACC Champ play the Big East Champ? It looks like most bowl projections are picking that matchup. Thrilling.
Ahad: If the ACC doesn’t play the Big East in a BSC bowl, that would make two games worthless. I don’t think even fans of both conferences think they deserve a BSC bowl.

CBS College Sports
Mike: I just got his channel today. I had CSTV in my Comcast days, but never watched it as nothing was ever on worth watching. Any thoughts?
Ahad: I only watched this channel in the dorm and haven’t missed it. Maybe if Comcast Sportsnet wasn’t around I would watch it.

Last Week’s Picks
Mike Evan Ahad Matt
Virginia Tech @ Miami (FL) Virginia Tech Miami (FL) Virginia Tech
Northwestern @ Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Northwestern
Ohio State @ Illinois Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
Arizona @ Oregon Oregon Oregon Arizona Oregon
Vanderbilt @ Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Vanderbilt Kentucky
Record (This Week) 27-23 (2-3) 26-24 (3-2) 29-21 (2-3) 27-22 (3-1)

Scores from Week 12

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