College Football Week 10 Recap

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Texas/Texas Tech
Ahad: This was an amazing game. I had a feeling that the Longhorns were going to pull it out after coming back from a 19 point deficit. The Red Raiders were able to get to McCoy and force him to make some errant throws. He probably had more incompletions this game than he had all season. Crabtree proved that he is a top flight receiver with his performance.
Evan: I agree with one of the ESPN guys, that catch will go down as the greatest play in Big 12 history (at least for right now). Too bad Matt Millen got fired, Crabtree would be a perfect receiver for the Lions to take with the number 2 pick in the draft.
Matt: This was a really good game, and I just felt as Texas Tech kept settling for field goals that that would come back to haunt them. Sure enough, Texas was able to come back and take the lead. I felt Tech got a little too conservative at times with their offense by running the ball a lot. That doesn’t show up in the passing numbers because they were impressive, but they actually could have opened it up more. Crabtree is really a stud receiver, but he is going to have to learn to hold onto the ball. He carries it away from his body like a loaf of bread. The Tech fans could have cost them the game, too. Make sure the clock says 0 before you storm the field. I have never seen a team kick off from its own 7.5 yard line before.

Evan: Greatest satisfaction I have gotten from a game since we dismantled Ohio State in the championship game (both basketball and football). Is there anyone in the country playing better on both sides of the ball than Florida right now? I know Texas Tech can score, but they have yet to stop anybody. I think Florida has defeated its last 4 SEC opponents 201-43. That’s disgusting.

Ahad: I really don’t have a problem with Texas Tech being #2. Granted I would have liked to see PSU move up. However, the Red Raiders did beat the top team in the nation are also undefeated. I seriously doubt they will finish the season undefeated as they still have to play Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Baylor and then the Big 12 title game.
Mike: You had to expect the computers would launch Texas Tech up there. Penn State hasn’t been loved much by the computers this year. If score was taken into account for the computers, I think the story is entirely different. I don’t see a 1 loss team jumping Penn State in enough of the computer polls to make a difference. So if Alabama loses (to Florida) and Texas Tech loses (to Oklahoma or OK St) then the UF/PSU National Championship Game could happen.
Matt: I guess I am ok with Texas Tech being #2 for now. They will likely lose at least one of their next couple games. As for PSU, we just need to worry about winning our own games, and then just let everything else play out. I do think we need to start scheduling some tougher non-conference games against the likes of a SEC or Big 12 team, so in the future, we don’t have to worry about being left out because of a softer schedule.
Mike: Remember, when PSU schedule Syracuse, they weren’t this terrible. 09-10 includes games against Alabama and Virginia is scheduled down the road.

Last Week’s Picks
Matt goes 5-0 for the 2nd week in a row, getting him all the way back to within 1 of Ahad.

Ahad Mike Matt Evan
Wisconsin @ Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Wisconsin
Florida State @ Georgia Tech Florida State Florida State Georgia Tech Florida State
Florida vs Georgia Florida Florida Florida Florida
Tennessee @ South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Texas @ Texas Tech Texas Texas Texas Tech Texas
Record (This Week) 23-17 (3-2) 22-18 (3-2) 22-18 (5-0) 21-19 (2-3)

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