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Arizona @ UCLA, Saturday 3pm
Evan: I don’t know what to make of this. I feel like UCLA could come out and whoop Arizona just as easily as the other way around. My instincts say UCLA doesn’t get blown out again. Arizona is nowhere near BYU. Pick: UCLA
Mike: I want Arizona to be good. I just like Arizona schools for no particular reason. Sort of like how I feel about Oregon, but not quite as much. I want UCLA to be good for one reason: to take out USC. Both teams had bad losses last weekend. UCLA shouldn’t have lost so badly and Arizona should be able to take New Mexico out. I say UCLA will get back home and remember that they beat Tennessee there. Pick: UCLA
Ahad: This game is a toss up. I want to root for Arizona because I think Mike Stoops is a quality coach. However, I think UCLA will get things together after a really bad loss last week. Pick: UCLA
Matt: I was pretty confident about UCLA last week, but now I am not so much anymore. They are back at home, so I think they will be able to pull this one out. Pick: UCLA

Boise St @ Oregon, Saturday 3:30pm
Evan: Boise St’s Cinderella run is over for now. Gotta love the Ducks. Pick: Oregon
Mike: Starting QB Justin Roper is out after his second injury this season. Jeremiah Masoli was a close second coming into the season, so it’s not a huge blow. The keys for Oregon are their running backs: LeGarrette Blount and Jeremiah Johnson. I make it a point that whenever you have two Jeremiahs in the backfield, you go with that team. Really, Boise St is not as good as last season and this game isn’t being played on the blue turf. Pick: Oregon
Ahad: No blue-turf, no win. Pick: Oregon
Matt: Oregon lost another quarterback, but I think they have plenty other weapons. Not sure if Boise State has any more magic this season. Pick: Oregon

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina, Saturday 3:30pm
Evan: UNC is still a basketball school. Despite the ECU loss, I think Va Tech is still a contender to get to its conference championship given that the conference is so terrible. Pick: Va Tech running away
Mike: Virginia Tech might be warming up. Turns out that ECU is very good at home, so you can’t take too much away for that loss. VTech needed that conference win vs GTech and got it. Rutgers is terrible. That UNC win can’t be counted for much. Pick: Virginia Tech
Ahad: VTech can still win the conference and get to a BSC bowl game. Putting Taylor in at quarterback gets the offense going. Pick: VTech
Matt: Va Tech is clearly the better team, and they show it here. Pick: Va Tech

Wake Forest @ Florida St, Saturday 7pm
Evan: Wake shut down FSU last year in one of FSU’s worst losses in recent history (I think they got shut out like 34-0 or something?). FSU has more talent this year, verdict is still out on whether the coaching has improved. I like FSU at home in this revenge game, although I will be rooting hard for the Demon Deacons. Pick: FSU
Mike: Wow, FSU has an amazing D. They’ve given up 7 total points. What’s that? Western Carolina and Chattanooga aren’t at the same level as Wake? Wake has been tested already and knows they can win in Tallahassee. If Florida State is really back, they have to prove it. Pick: Wake Forest
Ahad: Wake Forest helps JoePa get the all time win lead over Bowden. Pick: Wake Forrest. On a side note, I will not pick FSU to win. It goes against everything I stand for.
Matt: I haven’t seen either of them play, but I will definitely be rooting for Wake. However, I feel like FSU will pull the win out. Pick: FSU

LSU @ Auburn, Saturday 7:45pm
Evan: Super excited for this game. The only sad thing is that the loser of this game will drop out of the top 10, even though they are both top 10 teams regardless of the outcome. There are many things to consider – Auburn’s baseball-like victory over Miss St, LSU has yet to play an SEC team. Both defenses are outstanding, and when that is the case, it tends to favor the home team. Couple that with the fact the home team has won the last 8 meetings between these teams and I Pick: Auburn, in a squeaker.
Mike: I can’t shake that 3-2 Auburn win. If you put these two defenses at equal level then I give the offensive advantage to LSU. Pick: LSU
Ahad: That 3-2 game last week makes me weary about Auburn. LSU should have the more potent offense in this match up. Pick: LSU
Matt: I feel like the two teams are very close in talent level, with maybe LSU being slightly better. I like the stat about the home teams. Auburn takes it at home. Pick: Auburn

Evan’s Extra Thoughts
I hope the only reason Arizona v. UCLA was picked was so that there was some conference parity in our discussions. Let’s not forget that a huge rivalry re-kindles when UF plays Tennessee this weekend (3:30 CBS). Even though Tennessee has a very unimpressive loss to UCLA, it’s still Florida-Tennessee, and it’s at UT. This is exactly the kind of game I get weary about as a Gator fan. Tennessee is a big underdog because they have under-achieved, not because they are under-manned. They have the talent to pull off an upset.

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