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You saw our college football recap the other day. Let’s see how we can do with previews and picks.

#13 Kansas @ #19 USF, Friday 8pm
Mike: I saw some of the USF game that they pulled out in OT against UCF. Kansas hasn’t played anyone. I’m going to say USF saw West Virginia get destroyed and realize that the Big East is theirs for the taking. I realize this isn’t a Big East game but they will start getting on a roll. Pick: USF
Evan: This game is getting a lot of attention down in my neck of the woods. I think people are over-hyping Kansas based on what they did last year so they have a reason to create a “big game” atmosphere in Tampa. USF will bring it as if it has already been broughted, Kansas sucks. Pick: USF
Ahad: After watching some of the UCF/USF game last week, I am not too impressed with USF. They could have very easily lost that game. I have yet to see Kansas play, but I will take the Big 12 over the Big East. Pick: Kansas
Matt: I haven’t seen Kansas play yet, and have only seen a little bit of USF. I am with Ahad on this one. Pick: Kansas in a close one

UCLA @ #18 BYU, Saturday 3:30pm
Mike: BYU essentially played Washington to a tie in regulation. Not good enough to keep up with UCLA. I will be rooting for BYU for the sake of BCS Chaos. Pick: UCLA
Evan: UCLA played out of their minds the 2nd half of the Tennessee game. BYU will not underestimate them. The game is tied with a minute to go. BYU is driving, a pass interference call against UCLA puts BYU in field goal range. They kick it to win as time expires. Pick: BYU
Ahad: BYU got a wake-up call from Washington last week. This week they won’t need last second help from the refs. What is UCLA down to now, their 4th string QB? Pick: BYU
Matt: I liked the way UCLA scrapped their way to that win last week over Tennessee. I was impressed with their backup’s backup’s resiliency. BYU played too close of a game with Washington. Pick: UCLA

Michigan @ Notre Dame, Saturday 3:30pm
Mike: Let’s see … ND < Utah. ND < Miami (OH). Michigan > ND. Pick: Michigan
Evan: When is the last time even Notre Dame homers were not getting pumped up for this game? It’s like if Foreman and Holyfield went at it in the ring at their current ages. People show up for the nostalgia, but there is nothing of quality to see. Pick: Michigan
Ahad: Both teams aren’t very good, but Charlie went out and provided some bulletin board material as motivation. Pick: Michigan in a game that no one willingly watches.
Matt: What a pitiful game this is going to be. I like Notre Dame at home. Pick: Notre Dame

#5 Ohio State @ #1 USC, Saturday 8pm
Mike: Why does Beanie Wells instantly make this team so much better than the team that struggled against Ohio? It’s not like the other OSU running backs are terrible players. Pick: USC
Evan: I love games where I have such a loathing for both teams that I can’t decide who I want to win. I think I am actually rooting for Ohio St. I think they have a better shot of getting knocked off later (Penn State) in the season than USC does. The worst thing that can happen is either team wins a close, well-played game. That just sets it up for both of them to run the table the rest of the way and meet again in the BCS championship. Having said all that, Pick: USC (in a slaughter)
Ahad: Beanie coming back won’t help. OSU had a poor showing last week while USC had an extra week to prepare for this game. The talent and speed of USC make this game a blowout. Pick: USC
Matt: I don’t have much of a hatred for USC, and I will undoubtedly be rooting for them. The game may be closer if Beanie plays (Tressel said he is doubtful today), but I really don’t think it will affect the outcome. USC is the better team, but by how much? I guess we’ll find out. OSU will be ready to play, though. Pick: USC by 10.

#10 Wisconsin @ #21 Fresno St, Saturday 10:30pm
Mike: This late start should give Wisconsin plenty of time to wake up. For the same reason as BYU, Fresno St has my cheering support. Multiple undefeated non-BCS teams would be fantastic. Pick: Wisconsin
Evan: I know nothing about Fresno St except everyone says “they’re better than people realize”. Well, if everyone says that, and they are a ranked team, I don’t see how that can be true. Pick: Wisconsin, in a nail-biter.
Ahad: Fresno State came East and proved they could win on the road in a “hostile” environment at Rutgers. The question is can Wisconsin go out West and do the same. Wisconsin has a simple game plan, run the ball and play good defense. Pick: Wisconsin in a close game.
Matt: Wasn’t it Fresno State that upset Wisconsin a few years back? And at Camp Randall Stadium, at that. Wisconsin would be the solid pick, but I think Fresno State can pull the upset. Pick: Fresno State

This Weekend for the Writers
Mike: I will be in Syracuse for the Penn State/Syracuse game. It will be the 4th different stadium I will see PSU play in (05 @ Michigan, 06 Orange Bowl, 07 @ Temple, and of course home games). This weekend, Syracuse is hosting the world premiere of The Express, taking place Friday night. The movie is the story of Ernie Davis, who won the Heisman in 1961. They will be unveiling a statue before the game and have a halftime tribute to him. I’m just going to see Penn State, I just found out about all these other events.
Evan: I’m going to Orlando this weekend to play in a charity golf scramble with my dad. There are 5 par 3’s on the course, with a car and/or motorcycle on each hole. If you nail a hole-in-one, you win the vehicle. I want to know if anyone has kept track of how often this feat has been accomplished. I feel like I will get myself so pumped up and try to focus so hard that I won’t even have a chance of hitting the green.

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