College Football Week 1 Preview – Weekend

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These picks are just random guesses after North Texas took out Ball State. North Texas went 1-11 last year while Ball State went 12-2 (after starting 12-0 then losing the conference championship game and bowl game).

Then there is the 1st Mayor’s Cup, the Temple/Villanova rivalry game. Yes, a rivalry game between FBS and FCS teams. Guess what, the FCS team won by a field goal.

Georgia @ Oklahoma State, Saturday, 3:30
Mike: Georgia lost Stafford and Moreno. I’m sure they have some players to replace them, but take out Oklahoma State in their first game? I still think this game will be tight. These Big 12 heavyweights can be shut down outside the conference. The Cowboys are at home. Pick: Oklahoma State
Evan: No one is giving Georgia any love. First of all, even though they are hated rivals of UF, I love UGA the dog. Secondly, I believe OK State to be overrated. I’m also an SEC homer. Pick: Georgia
Matt: I like OK State this year. I think they have some great offensive skill players. I just don’t think they will win this game. Didn’t they lose to Ole Miss last year in their bowl game? If I am remembering incorrectly, please let me know. The SEC has dominated the Big 12 in their major matchups, so I will go with the Dawgs here. Pick: Georgia
Ahad: Big 12 vs SEC…I think everyone knows which conference I go with. In this matchup, Georgia has some key players to replace this season while OK State returns a quality qb in Robinson and an excellent wr in Bryant. Pick: OK State

Missouri vs Illinois (St. Louis, MO), Saturday, 3:40
Mike: This was a fun game last year with Mizzou winning 52-42. This year Missouri has no Daniel, Maclin, and Coffman. Illinois has Williams and Benn still around. This team could really be a Big 10 threat this year. Beware the Zook. Pick: Illinois
Evan: The Zooker has got to be fired up this year, it appears to be put up or shut up time for Illinois. I like that this is a neutral site, although I feel the crowd will be heavy Mizzou. I do believe they do not have enough firepower, however. Pick: Illinois
Matt: Missouri has lost a lot from last year’s team, mostly on the offense. They needed that talent, too, because their defense was swiss cheese. Missouri will take a few steps back this year. Illinois was supposed to be a top contender in the Big Ten last year following their Rose Bowl trip the previous season. That didn’t work out exactly, but I think they will rebound this year. Doesn’t it seem like Juice and Benn have been around forever? They will be the difference. Pick: Illinois
Ahad: Juice gets his chance at redemption. He wants to be knows as a big time quarterback and this is going to be his first test of the season. Illinois needs to start out well if they are going to have any chance of contending for the Big Ten title. Look for Benn to have a huge impact in this game. This game doesn’t mean as much for Missouri because they can lose this and still have a legit chance at winning the Big 12 North. Pick: Illinois

Alabama vs Virginia Tech (Atlanta, GA), Saturday, 8:00
Mike: The game of the weekend? At first glance I’m expecting a Bama blowout. JPW is gone, but he never impressed me much. This offense is Coffee and Julio Jones. I’m thinking whole season is going to be Julio Jones making ridiculous catches trying to climb the draft boards for next year. Virginia Tech should win the ACC, but in the SEC, you could make the argument that they are anywhere from 3rd-6th best. Pick: Alabama
Evan: Once again, I’m an SEC homer. Remember when Bama whipped up on Clemson in the opening game a year or two ago? I don’t think there will be any whipping here, but the Tide love playing in Atlanta. Pick: Bama
Matt: Tough game to pick here. I saw that Va. Tech lost their starting running back, Evans, for the year, so that production will be tough to replace. It should be a low scoring affair. Va Tech always has a tough defense. I think they were #1 in college football last year. I really want to say Va Tech, but I think Saban will have Alabama ready to go. Pick: Alabama
Ahad: VA Tech wins this one with defense and special teams. It doesn’t matter how ugly their offense is. Bama comes in highly rated, but I am not sure they will be able to replicate the success of last year. Pick: VA Tech

Miami (FL) @ Florida State, Monday, 8:00
Mike: Is this game back? After a few years there of really sloppy play, the scoring seems to be back. The scoring may be back, but that is more likely because the defenses have fallen as far as the offenses. For this game, I’m looking ahead. Florida State wants wins for Bowden. Miami wants a win because they follow this game with Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma. That’s a ridiculous way to start the season, but don’t feel too bad, just look at the rest of the schedule. I’m going with the drama over the FSU program causing more trouble. Pick: Miami
Evan: Word around here is that USF may now be in the mix with the other big 3. Many people think, at least this year, that USF could actually beat Miami or FSU. Nonetheless, both teams have improved (how could they not?). I will forever root against Miami, and it is the only time I will root for FSU. I also think they are more stable, despite the cheating issue last year (b/c honestly, they’re used to that over there). Also, Miami’s QB situation is a mess. Pick: FSU
Matt: I really hate picking this game. Since when is this game the first game of the season? I thought it used to take place later in the year. I have not heard too much about either team this summer, other than the FSU cheating issue. As much as I hate doing it, I will go with FSU. They must be ranked for a reason. Pick: FSU
Ahad: I am not a fan of either team here but I have to look at the lesser of two evils. Joe Pa’s lead over grows after this week. Pick: Miami

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