College Football Week 1 Preview – Thursday

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Oregon @ Boise State, Thursday, 10:15
Mike: Week 1 and I already have to deal with the Ducks? Hasn’t Boise State run its course as a good non-BCS school? These things usually only last a few years and then the team falls back into obscurity. Here’s something I wasn’t aware of: Boise State has won 49 straight regular season home games in a row. That’s impressive, even in the WAC. Oregon led the country in scoring and their offensive coordinator is now the head coach. To me that means he’ll be coaching the defense on how to score more. I’ve gotta do it. Pick: Oregon
Evan: Today Chris Fowler said if Boise State beats Oregon, there is no one else on their schedule that can beat them. That doesn’t offer me much insight for this particular situation. I have always felt Oregon has been as overrated as much as Janke over-fantasizes about their jerseys in his sleep. BSU is coming to play, they won’t disappoint on the blue turf, national tv, at night. Pick: Boise State
Matt: Oregon has a new head coach, so I do not know if they will have the same offensive philosophy as years past. They have tons of talent on offense, so they should still be able to put up some points. Boise State has been consistently solid the past several years, and they are at home on the blue turf where they have been unbeatable. There is some bad blood between these teams because of some perceived cheap shots that the Boise State defenders laid on Masoli last season. I think Oregon gets some payback. Pick: Oregon
Ahad: I have grown tired of Boise State and the blue turf. It has lost its luster. Even though Oregon has to adjust to a new head coach and the first game of the season normally doesn’t show what a team is fully capable of doing, they are the more talented team and in the end that will prevail. Pick: Oregon

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