College Football Week 11 Preview – TCU/Utah

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This has been a busy week, the Thursday game snuck up on us. It’s a good one so we want it to count toward our pick total. Even if most us us will be completely guessing.

TCU @ Utah, Thursday 8pm
Matt: Not too much time to write an extended preview, but I like TCU in this game. Pick: TCU
Ahad: Utah looks to keep hope alive for a BCS game. TCU is a solid team, but home field makes the difference. I’m all for BCS chaos, except of course if it involves PSU. Pick: Utah
Mike: I’ve been looking forward to this game. However, I haven’t had the time this week to look too far into the teams. Based on results the teams match up fairly evenly. TCU’s loss came at Oklahoma. What stands out to me is TCU’s handling of BYU. While Utah’s game against BYU isn’t for a few weeks, I like that they handled them. Pick: TCU
Evan: Urban Meyer coached Utah. Pick: Utah

See, we did it quickly.

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