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Last Week on Kimmel

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A couple of great clips from Kimmel last week.

Skype Scavenger Hunt with girls who just moved back to college. So many shoes!

Kids crying after seeing that Timothy Green movie. This wasn’t one of Kimmel’s challenges, but a similar effect. My mom said people were complaining about this on the radio because the parents are filming and laughing. Who cares. Maybe I’m just used to family that wants things to make fun of you in the future.

Boy goes and gets help when his dad gets stung by a bee. It made it to Kimmel because of the kid’s unique vocabulary.


Sporcle: US Newspapers

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My Sporcle activity really took a dive after I stopped working. It should have been more popular during grad school, but oddly only came up a few times. Those days it did come up meant all productivity for the day was hopeless. I found in my Pocket List an old link to one I really liked: US Newspapers.

I’m not sure why but city newspaper names stick in my head. It could be because I usually prefer to get the local story of big news so I’d wind up on their sites more often than most.

I did this one over a year ago. I got 19 of the 30, which I was pretty ok with. There are only 3 that I didn’t get that I look at now and have a small kick of myself (but not a big kick). Try it out, let me know how you did.

What do you think, more Sprocle talk on BF?


No More Bums – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Brian Regan)

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Have you been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? I hope so. I’m not sure how much Crackle spent to get it going. I love that they did since it lets me watch the episodes on my XBox (just get the Crackle app). It hasn’t gotten me to watch anything else on Crackle, so maybe not the best investment yet.

In addition to the episodes, there are bits that got cut from the show that are put online the next week. This was my favorite from the Brian Regan episode. Just click on the image, I didn’t see an embed option.

No More Bums – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Brian Regan)

The whole Brian Regan show and extra clips were all great. This one stuck out because Bums was the word my Pop Pop used more than any other. It was mostly aimed at the Phillies and Eagles and occasionally anyone on TV that also deserved the title.


Cockneys vs Zombies Trailer

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I never got into the zombie craze. All the preparing for the zombie apocalypse books, and The Walking Dead was so boring I quit watching it in the middle of an episode. However, I’m all in for this.

Cockneys vs Zombies

Tosh.0: Wheelchair vs. Escalator

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Great things about this clip:

  • “Does she think she’s a shopping cart at a 2-story target?” I was blown away by those in California. Target was like Ikea.
  • A Mitch Hedberg reference. My mom texts me that whenever she comes across an escalator that is temporarily stairs.
  • Tosh says how his luggage never works on those. That’s why I invented the luggage escalator for the airport many years ago.

Least Favorite Phrases of the Week

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I thought I had a clear winner for the week but no, there’s a whole mess of people not making sense this week.

Now is not the time
This one has come up a lot this week because of the Aurora shooting. People are all over saying that now is not the time to discuss gun rights. Now is the time to think of the victims. I remember the exact same statement being made right after the shooting at the Gabby Giffords event. When was the time? Never. We move on to the next story there is no reflection.

You can pull ‘Now is not the time’ out if you have been directly involved in something. Otherwise, you are just stalling until everyone forgets, because if it were the time, you have no defense for whatever stance it is you are protecting.

Moving Forward
This was the leader all week. In relation to my school and their questionable decisions (taking down the statue and rolling over in the face of punishment) and the questionable decisions of the NCAA. My inbox and feeds are flooded with people connected to the university talking about moving forward. Wait. Move forward? We’re not done with where we’re at. We still have no idea what happened relating to the school, the police, and the government. The school commissioned a report that was very vague on details and limited in scope. The NCAA made it obvious they didn’t even consider the facts by picking 1998 as the point where we started cheating at football. And not a single person has asked about anything outside of the university. Based on the logic I’m seeing from the punishments, Centre County and Pennsylvania should have much higher fines coming their way.

I just don’t understand the ‘Moving Forward’ sentiments. The school seems so anxious to move forward they don’t care if our legs are broken. Even if we’re crawling forward they think the way we’ve been portrayed will be different in the days ahead.


Fortune: Volkswagen: Das auto giant

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Volkswagen: Das auto giant

The Focus & The Tiguan
Left (03 Focus, my 1st car purchase), Right (09 Tiguan, my 3rd)

I hear a lot about VW’s big dreams of being the world’s largest auto maker. Here is a great look about how VW is managed.

I drive a VW now and my car before this one was a VW. That’s more than 6 years as a VW owner. My biggest issue has been what seems to be the lack of advancement in engine technology and fuel efficiency. My 2006 engine was almost identical to my 2009 and if I bought today, still the same engine. While I love the turbo engine, I think with the advances of the last 6 years they could deliver something with similar performance with a bump in MPG.

Reading about how things work behind the scenes makes my issue with lack of engine innovation unsurprising. The focus now is standardizing so they can lower their costs across all their lines. They also appear to be very risk averse which is leading to very boring design decisions. Their focus has been on diesel, which excites me little. Finally it looks that hybrids are coming and I’ve read good things about the Jetta Hybrid. However, doing something interesting with a car I’d want to drive (Golf or Tiguan) is going to be difficult to do before I’m ready to buy again. Which will probably be a year from now.


Buddy Lists are Back

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AIM Buddy Lists

Yesterday the AIM blog posted that they brought back Buddy Lists. Now with the lack of buddies that I actually have online, the Buddy List is pretty useless. On the other hand, how they could launch the new version of AIM without the iconic Buddy List boggles the mind.

I still say AIM is the best IM client available for use across platforms. It’s certainly not perfect but for my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) it lets me freely move across devices. My friends have been behind the curve on smartphones, but they are getting with the times. I don’t know why they are choosing Android phones, but AIM has an Android client, so I should still be able to chat.

I’m hoping Mountain Lion will smooth out some of the bugs with the Mac version of iMessage, but still, I only have a few friends with iPhones.

Note on my Buddy List Groups: 1) They are out of order and it doesn’t appear they can be re-ordered at this point. 2) They were designed so I could see the people I cared about (Buddies2 was usually collapsed or off screen). 3) AIM Secondary was to deal with the fact that we didn’t have laptops in college. Everyone had a second account for computer labs so that they weren’t signed off of their desktop which was left signed on at their dorm/apartment all day/night. 4) A Me Group because of different clients I used over the years that support multiple services. I also had multiple of each to test out how they worked.


Tosh Viewer Video: Screaming at Trucks and Trains

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Tosh.0 is great, yet I only seem to share Viewer Videos. Probably because most of the other ones I see on Kimmel and other shows and the rest are just too gross.

You can’t deliver DiGiorno!

They didn’t show the whole clip on the show so I got to laugh at all new stuff when I saw the full version. Of course, I died at the stuff I’d already seen too.

Found on Tosh.0 Blog


15 Years of

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I only noticed because I had to renew. July 19, 1997, that’s when I first registered That was a while ago. I had sites before on Geocities and on whatever ISP I had that offered me some space. I remember that was taken and I went crazy trying to figure out what to get. I don’t even remember how much domains cost back then. I feel like it was a lot more than now or just that any amount of money was a lot for someone not yet in high school. (This Quora mentions that in 1997 the price dropped to $70 for 2 year. That sounds right to me.)

At various times the site was:
Web Hosting (Reselling, I remember making a little money, I had a random partner that I met online and we moved the host to it’s own domain. I met the kid once, while he was traveling the country to visit colleges, I don’t know what happened to him after that.)
Video Game Reviews (Microsoft used to send me beta and final versions of all their PC games.)
Banner Exchange
And a bunch of other little things, although most of the time it’s been empty.

It’s been my main email address for all of those years. Even when the main domain appeared dormant, I used the sub-domains and directories for my blogs and college sites. That included a site for my high school class where you had a profile and picture. I had thought about expanding that project for any school class. I was too busy with school to pursue that. Facebook came along 3 years later, if only. Eventually I started getting other domains for my bigger projects.

All that reminds me how today isn’t much different. I still am trying a lot of different projects, often at the same time. They just look a little more polished these days. They still have the same success.


That’s how the site looks now. Just a landing point to connect to all my sites and profiles and some of the older things that are still worth visiting from time to time.

If you want to view some of the previous iterations, the Wayback Machine has a few.


Looking for a transportation and road construction blog

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I follow blogs for all sorts of things I like: weather, VW, Philly buildings, and even one just about chocolate and peanut butter. I usually just come across these, but this time, I had an interest but couldn’t find a blog: road and transportation construction. I know! Who doesn’t love that and want to read about it??

Over the years, I’ve found lots of good info on different project across the country online. Usually I hear a story and then wind up on the project’s web site. However, I can’t seem to find a site that pulls them all together.

Here project sites I remember coming across that had really good videos detailing the work.
Seattle’s Viaduct Replacement and 520 Bridge Replacement
Bay Bridge

SR 99 tunnel site teeming with cranes
WSDOT even has a flickr page

I don’t live in these cities. Philly’s approach to transportation in the city seems to be, ‘It’s too expensive to do anything, so we’ll just leave it as is.’ The suburbs have problems and they are spending money on study after study, it takes forever and very little gets done. The only movement is with the PA Turnpike. Not a whole lot of creativity there, but it doesn’t really hit the city, so they just have to increase capacity.

I used to follow some blogs focused on SEPTA (Philly’s transportation agency). Most of those stopped because there wasn’t much to talk about. Most of that news related to new train cars and potentially upgrading to a modern day payment system. Not the fault of the blogs that there wasn’t much to cover.

Anyone have any suggestions?