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BF College Football Week 2 Recap

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This is the first in what I hope will be a series of college football analysis. Today Evan, Ahad, and Matt join me for a look at some topics of interest from this past weekend.

Washington/BYU – Excessive Celebration may have cost Washington the game.
Evan: If that happened to UF there would have been riots in the streets.
Ahad: Terrible call. The refs are not supposed to decide the outcome of the game. Granted, Washington still had a shot to make the PAT, but the call shouldn’t have been made.
Matt: I agree with you Ahad, and pretty much everyone else on the topic. Very bad call. It seems like they would probably blame the kicker, but if I remember the highlight correctly, it didn’t seem like he had a chance due to the poor blocking up front.
Mike: I was flipping between this game and the PSU game after PSU had the game in hand. That was an impressive drive by Locker. I can’t blame the ref in this case as throwing the ball in the air is specifically stated in the rules. Yes, its a stupid stupid rule and should be changed. So blame everyone who should have taken this out years ago.

Notre Dame/San Diego State
Evan: Notre Dame will be better than last year, but not by much. Lou Holtz predicted 11 wins, I don’t see how. I say 5 at the most – NC, Navy, Pitt, Syracuse
Ahad: Notre Dame is terrible, they don’t deserve a topic.
Matt: Haha, well, they aren’t very good. Let’s just leave it at that.
Mike: One call and San Diego State goes up 8 and demoralizes ND, likely winning the game. The same SDSU team that lost to Cal Poly last week.

Evan: Miami is much better than people give them credit for. They’ve got a sick amount of talent, and their defense is light years ahead of their offense. I’m fine with the way UF played.
Ahad: Miami’s defense has some quality players. Once they get some experience and an offense, this team will be solid.
Matt: I only watched some of the game, but I was shocked by how close it was for 3 quarters.
Mike: I flipped in on to see the Gators quickly put the game away. It reminded me of the Gator basketball team two years ago. They were in cruise control and then would turn it on to win easily. Only use as much energy as needed. As long as they realize they can’t do that in SEC games, they should be ok.

East Carolina/West Virginia
Evan: Combination of them being better than people thought and both Virginia Tech and West Virginia being severely overrated.
Ahad: West Virginia has bought into their own and got completely dominated. Lou Holtz made a comment that he told everyone that one day he would only be know as Skip Holtz’s father. We are a long way from that, but give them credit.
Matt: They seem like a pretty good team, but I have an issue with them jumping as high as they did in the polls. I am sure it was based on the fact they beat the #8 team, but they leapfrogged PSU (at least in the AP poll, I think). I think they should be ranked more like they are in the Coaches.
Mike: I agree with Stewart Mandel that WVU hired the wrong coach. This team was built a certain way, to run the spread. Makes me wonder why I didn’t hear more blame for Rich Rodriguez being the cause of Michigan’s loss to Utah last week. From what I’m seeing he is not a football coach but a spread coach. Michigan has enough talent to win if you coach to your players abilities. As for East Carolina … yes, they are a good team but WVU and Virginia Tech aren’t actually Top 10 quality teams. Being in Conference-USA they have a chance to run the table.


I’m not excited for the start of the NFL Season

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The Eagles are about to kick off their season. I’m going to watch but I can’t say I’ve been anxiously awaiting the game. Usually I’m all set for the Eagles and NFL season. I just don’t have the excitement this year. Is there something wrong with me?

If I pay attention to TV and online it seems that everyone is going crazy with anticipation of the new season. I guess I don’t know any of these people. I usually set up a fantasy league for my friends. I shared my lack of excitement and that I wasn’t feeling it from everyone else. I was willing to set it up again this season if I was misreading the lack of interest. It took two weeks before anyone even mentioned that they wanted to play. A few more people had mild interest so I quickly set up the league and we drafted last weekend. That’s my only team this year.

Trying to find reasons for my lack of excitement …

Phillies – They’re still in it. In fact, yesterday’s game was rained out so Game 1 of a double-header with the Mets starts at 2:15. I’ll be flipping between the two games to start. Not sure if one will win out over the other.

College Football – I usually spend my entire Saturday watching college football. By Sunday I’m about all footballed out. I’ll watch the Eagles and that’s it.

No roommates – I watched my most NFL in college. If there was a game on, my roommates would have it on. I’d sit down, hang out, and watch. I’d enjoy watching the games. However, on my own I usually find myself doing other things rather than watching non-Eagles games.

Olympics – The Olympics took place as the preseason was getting started. Took some of my attention away. Not that I care about the preseason but that’s about the time I start reading and watching the previews.

ESPN – I despise ESPN more and more each day. I dislike all of their football analysts so I don’t sit through watching them. You can’t avoid all the NFL talk, just like NBA talk during the basketball season. I’m more likely to put on ESPNews just for highlights than watch SportsCenter.

Election – During election season there is a ton to read and watch. I can’t remember how the election changed my view of the football season in 2004. There was a lot of excitement going into that NFL season. The Eagles were expected to go to the Super Bowl and did. I think I started excited for the season but was sidetracked in October by the Red Sox and the election. I always blamed my poor grades that semester on the Red Sox, I guess I should have been blaming the election too. That election has already been the source of enough problems.


Dog Night at Shea

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No one told me about this! I was watching the Phillies game and they started talking about how it was dog night. They had a camera in the section and a whole buch of people had their dogs sitting with them and there were dogs in the aisles too. There was a parade in the outfield and a picnic before the game. Details here.

I have a few questions …

  • How do the fans treat dogs who are fans of the Phillies?
  • Are some dogs fans of a different team than their owners?
  • Are souvenirs designed for dogs available? I didn’t see any dogs in jerseys. There are lots of dogs at Penn State games with jerseys. I saw in the details that blue foam paws are available.
  • Does the grounds crew have to do extensive clean-up of the warning track after the pre-game parade?
  • Do you have to clean up after yourself in the bleachers? I’ve seen what people leave behind, so dogs might actually be cleaner than an actual person.
  • Do fights break out?
  • Has a dog ever caught a home run ball?
  • Do they have dog specific chants? Some of the clapping ones could easily be replaced with barks.
  • Are there vendors walking around with dog treats?

This is possibly my second favorite ballpark promotion. Of course Senior Stroll the Bases is still stronly in that #1 spot.


Ocho Cinco

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I loved the whole Ocho Cinco thing Chad Johnson did last year. It was just a goofy thing that the NFL overreacted too, as they tend to do. If they wouldn’t have said anything it would have just gone away. Now Chad Johnson has changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco so that he can put Ocho Cinco on his jersey. This is old news. Still, I was very happy to see this when I checked on my fantasy team this morning …

I have still been searching for a team name. In honor of Mr. Ocho Cinco, I’ve gone with Mike Siete. Not quite as catchy. Had I known I would have picked a different baseball number 10 years ago.


Sports Links for August 17

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I decided with my tons of links to split off the sports ones in their own separate post.

Amazing Tailgating Trailer – Only 3 TVs included?

J-Roll’s Sportscenter commercial

Looking back at the Mariners’ futuristic night – You might forget about the original Turn Ahead the Clock game. All sorts of fun facts I wasn’t aware of.

Let’s Play The Feud: The WNBA Edition – The fight in the WNBA game. In case you are the one person that hasn’t seen it.

Please, I Beg You, Make It Stop – A post about the green sticker on the back of QB’s helmets in the NFL. This year they added a graphic.

Agent Aloha – Some great Philly shirts. The best of the bunch.

This year’s Penn State video

There is nothing worse than getting mocked by the Nationals – I hate the kiss cam, but this is funny.

Game of the century The story behind the 1912 Carlisle vs. Army battle

Rare cancer took Ruth, dentist says

Baseball star John Kruk one of many fooled by bank robber

Ticket Stumbler – Pulls together listings from the various ticket sites.

Passing the Torch: An Evolution of Form – The Olympic Torch over the years.

Skip Caray Tributes …
Baseball mourns loss of Skip Caray
Ernie Johnson And Turner Sports’ Tribute To Skip Caray

I’ve been getting sick of worthless baseball lists. Here are some decent ones …
Top 20 Baseball Quotes of All Time
The Worst Seats in the House’s NHL Logo Rankings


College Football Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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This week I launched College Football Picks for the 2008 season. It’s a College Football Pickem game that I started last season. Similar to last year you have the option of competing against all ICH members or in a group.

ICH picks includes games featuring Top 25 teams against the spread. Your score will rank you against the other people making ICH picks. It will also add to your Overall ICH Score where you can see where you rank against everyone in all sports.

Groups can be customized in a number of ways so that your group will only pick the games you want. You can select from Top 25, conferences, or individual teams. Any combination you wish. Groups can choose to pick against the spread or straight up. Wager Points allow your group members to place points on games they are confident in. The risk is that an incorrect pick will result in the amount wagered being subtracted from your total.

If you are ready, the rankings for Week 1 are up and you can start making your picks now!

Ice Cream Helmet College Football Picks


All because I was curious about the Anderson Packers

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Sometimes my travels on the internet wind up taking an unusual path leaving me tracing my steps from my destination back to where it all began. Take today, I started on a baseball blog and it led me to looking into the history of the NBA. I’ll explain …

It all started in my Google Reader where I keep up on a variety of feeds, many of them are the blogs of the ESPN baseball columnists. Rob Neyer is one of those columnists. He had an entry on Friday about Russ Gload (I think you need ESPN Insider to read, but its not too important). For those of you not in the loop, Russ Gload is the Kansas City Royals’ 1st baseman. It’s alright, I didn’t know who he was either, I haven’t kept up with the Royals. In the post he examined if Russ Gload was the worst everyday 1st basemen ever. He found three players doing worse than he has done so far this season. So there is still time for Russ to catch up.

One of those players was Howie Schultz who turned in the worst season ever in 1947 when he played for the Dodgers and Phillies. What interested me was that after the 1948 season Schultz stopped playing baseball and played basketball. In 1949 he played during the 1st season of the NBA for the Anderson Packers. This interested me very much. Who were the Anderson Packers? Where is Anderson? What other teams existed during the first season of the NBA that I’m not aware of?

Who were the Anderson Packers?
Basketball Reference to the rescue. The Anderson Packers did play in that first season of the NBA (49-50). In fact, they finished 2nd in the Western Division. They won their first two playoff series and wound up losing in the semifinals to the Minneapolis Lakers, who wound up winning the title. Despite making the playoffs, that was the only year the Anderson Packers were in the league.

Continuing to Wikipedia for more details, there aren’t a ton. The Packers played 3 seasons in the NBL. Then the NBL and BAA merged forming the NBA. After the inaugural NBA season the Packers moved to the NPBL. A league that almost lasted an entire season. One interesting note about the Packers: Their home court was the Anderson High School Wigwam.

Where is Anderson?
Indiana. Northeast of Indianapolis.

What about the other teams from that 1st NBA season?
There were 17 teams that season in 3 divisions: Eastern, Central, and Western.

Baltimore Bullets – Lasted 1947-1954. In NBA: 1949-1954.
Boston Celtics – Still in existence
New York Knickerbockers – Still in existence
Philadelphia Warriors – Moved to San Francisco in 1962. Now the Golden State Warriors.
Syracuse Nationals – Moved to Philadelphia in 1963. Now the Philadelphia 76ers.
Washington Capitals – Lasted 1946-1951. Only 2 seasons in NBA.

Chicago Stags – Lasted 1946-1950. Only played in NBA for 1 season.
Fort Wayne Pistons – Moved to Detroit in 1957, where they still play.
Minneapolis Lakers – Moved to Los Angeles in 1960, where they still play.
Rochester Royals – Moved to Cincinnati in 1957. Moved to Kansas City/Omaha in 1972 and became the Kings. Just in Kansas City starting in 1975. Moved to Sacramento in 1985, where they still exist.
St. Louis Bombers – Lasted 1946-1950. Only played in NBA for 1 season.

Anderson Packers – Talked about them above. NBL: 1946-1949. NBA: 1949-1950, NPBL: 1950-1951.
Denver Nuggets – NBL: 1948-1949, NBA: 1949-1950. Not connected to the current Denver Nuggets.
Indianapolis Olympians – NBA: 1949-1953
Sheboygan Redskins – NBL: 1938-1949, NBA: 1949-1950, NPBL: 1950-1951
Tri-Cities Blackhawks – Moved to Milwaukee in 1951, shortened name to Hawks. Moved to St. Louis in 1955. Moved to Atlanta in 1968, where they still play. The Tri-Cities are Moline, Illinois; Rock Island, Illinois; and Davenport, Iowa. Apparently that area is now known as the Quad Cities, or maybe even the Quint Cities.
Waterloo Hawks – NBL: 1948-1949, NBA: 1949-1950, NPBL: 1950-1951

Out of those 17 teams only 8 still exist in some form. The 2nd season of the NBA only had 11 teams and 2 divisions. 3 teams moved to the NPBL and 3 teams folded.

I learned all this in just a little searching around this afternoon. As with most adventures of this type, it started at a baseball blog. I’d like to learn more about the history of the NBA, I love old teams, leagues and how teams move around. More likely I’ll see something else shiny on the internet and get distracted.


Too late for the NBA Finals

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Game 5 of the NBA Finals is about to start. I’ve watched a grand total of 10 or 15 minutes through the first 4 games. I wanted to get into it this year, I really did. Forget that its the Celtics and Lakers, just that it was two teams that seemed to be matched evenly and one that I wanted to win much more than the other, the Celtics.

Problem is the games didn’t start until after 9. There is no point in even starting to watch when I know that I’d have to stay up later than I wanted just to get to halftime. I realize this makes me sound like an old man. Well, I am and I try and get up around 5am each morning to get to work at a reasonable hour.

For Game 4 I was up later than I expected so I checked in before going to bed. The Lakers were up big but the Celtics were playing hard and hitting shots. I wanted to watch the rest but it wasn’t happening. From watching the Sixers come back so many times this year I’ve learned to sense when the tide is starting to turn in a major way.

The best part of the Finals has been that Kimmel is on at 8 on game nights. Each show has been great, his usual show is good but I don’t think anybody watches it. Hopefully people watched these specials, were surprised at how good his show is and will start checking him out at his regular time.

Tip off is coming up and I’ll be watching … probably something else. I’ll check in before bed.


ICH Reminder: Belmont Stakes

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Don’t forget to make your picks for Ice Cream Helmet Horse Racing Picks. The Belmont is on Saturday. Pick the order you think the 10 horses will finish. You don’t have to had made picks in either of the other races to make picks for the Belmont.

Make your picks! (After you log in you will be able to make picks.)


34 Bowl Games

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The NCAA announced there will be 34 bowl games this season. Do we need 34 bowl games? I thought 30 was more than enough. When are these 2 new ones going to take place? Thanksgiving weekend? What did the Rocky Mountain Bowl do to not get approved?

All the bowls from last year applied and were approved. Three new bowls submitted applications: Congressional Bowl in Washington, D.C., St. Petersburg Bowl in St. Petersburg, Florida, Rocky Mountain Bowl in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Congressional Bowl and St. Petersburg Bowl both got approved. I’m sure they will be changed to the Yournamehere Bowl soon enough. I should pass the hat in hopes for the Borderline Fantastic Bowl.

The bowl in DC is curious to me. There aren’t many cold weather bowls that are outdoors. I can only think of the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl in Boise. I’ve always wanted a bowl game in Philadelphia. The closest we got was the Patriot Bowl in Valley Forge, but that was on Coach (so it was fictional). That got me thinking, what would be a good name for a Philly bowl game?

Congressional Bowl
According to this article from the Washtington Post, the game will take place on December 20th. The game will likely feature Navy (assuming they are bowl eligible) against and ACC team (the 9th ACC team). It will be at RFK or Nationals Park. Not sure why not Fed Ex Field. Perhaps because FedEx Field is in Maryland, not DC. I really dislike games at baseball only stadiums, the Emerald Bowl at AT&T Park being my least favorite. So I’m hoping for RFK. Apparently it will be the first college football game held in DC. That doesn’t seem right to me, at some point in the last 100 years a game must have been played.

St. Petersburg Bowl
Again a bowl game at a baseball stadium, Tropicana Field. There is an official site for the game. It doesn’t give much information except that the Big East and Conference USA are involved. I couldn’t find any information about which selection from those conferences would be headed to St. pete. This article says that the game will be on December 20th (same as the Congressional Bowl) at 6:30 on ESPN2.

Rocky Mountain Bowl
This bowl got rejected but I was curious to see if I could find what they had planned or why it wasn’t selected. This article states that the game would have been a Mountain West team against a WAC team. The only reasoning mentioned is that the NCAA doesn’t want more spots than eligible teams. Of course they would rather have a MWC or WAC team left at home rather than a Big East or ACC team that had a lousy year.