Cans, Sir?

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Cans, Sir?

Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time was very hit or miss. There were some gems but you had to get through a lot of strange stuff to find them.

I saw Season 2 was added to Netflix Instant and that includes my favorite episode of the show. I’m pretty sure it got canceled after Season 2, so if you enjoy that, you can burn through the whole show pretty quick.

It’s Episode 4 of Season 2, it’s called Full Blown Eggs, which is also the name of the best sketch of the show. It starts around the 10 minute mark.

I really enjoyed this episode when I watched it. I had some friends coming up to visit that weekend and we had some time to kill waiting for them all to arrive, so I shared with the early arrivers. They didn’t love the sketch that really got me as much but another one killed them. We showed the episode again when everyone arrived. So I think I watched this episode 3 times in one day.

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