Buying in Bulk

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I love Costco and I especially love when they sell things in sizes that are unimaginable or multi-packs of unlikely things. A few years ago it was TVs. They can 2 or 3 packs of TVs. I wanted to get myself a 6-pack of big screens.

In an email ad this week, I saw my next multi-pack interest: tables. I know, tables seem boring. But what if I told you Costco was selling them in packs of 21. I thought you’d be interested. They aren’t evil, they throw in the cart. These aren’t just flimsy card tables, they are commercial quality.

If it all seems too perfect, it actually is. I read the only review, which gave the tables just 4-stars. The reason? The cart doesn’t hold 21. Sure enough, the description says the cart is only for 10 tables. Which really gets you. Even if you get an extra cart, you still have that 21st table.

$2k is a little heavy for me right now, and I don’t have room, or the need, for 21 tables. I’ll be on the lookout for Costco’s next marvelous multi-pack.

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