Buddy Lists are Back

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AIM Buddy Lists

Yesterday the AIM blog posted that they brought back Buddy Lists. Now with the lack of buddies that I actually have online, the Buddy List is pretty useless. On the other hand, how they could launch the new version of AIM without the iconic Buddy List boggles the mind.

I still say AIM is the best IM client available for use across platforms. It’s certainly not perfect but for my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) it lets me freely move across devices. My friends have been behind the curve on smartphones, but they are getting with the times. I don’t know why they are choosing Android phones, but AIM has an Android client, so I should still be able to chat.

I’m hoping Mountain Lion will smooth out some of the bugs with the Mac version of iMessage, but still, I only have a few friends with iPhones.

Note on my Buddy List Groups: 1) They are out of order and it doesn’t appear they can be re-ordered at this point. 2) They were designed so I could see the people I cared about (Buddies2 was usually collapsed or off screen). 3) AIM Secondary was to deal with the fact that we didn’t have laptops in college. Everyone had a second account for computer labs so that they weren’t signed off of their desktop which was left signed on at their dorm/apartment all day/night. 4) A Me Group because of different clients I used over the years that support multiple services. I also had multiple of each to test out how they worked.

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