Bubble Soccer on Fallon

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  • I haven’t seen anything funny from Fallon’s monologue or interviews. But random bits and songs … awesome.
  • Colbert + Fallon = always gold.
  • In the week after Meet the Press being the origin of THE story of the week, David Gregory does this? How awesome. He could have easily left Fallon a message, ‘Look Jimmy, not sure if you noticed, but I just arrived as host of Meet The Press. I know I’ve been doing it for a while, but now I’m a big shot. So I won’t be able to do your bobble soccer bit.’ (He’s big enough to purposely get the name of the bit wrong.)
  • Can I number inside of bullets? Cause I’m about to.
    1. Where can I get these?
    2. Is there a better ‘field’ than these elevator doors for goals?
      1. Were people upset that a few elevators were out of service for a bit?
      2. What would you do if your elevator door opened to a bubble soccer game? You’d think you’d landed on an alien planet, right?

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