Borderline Fantastic in 2011

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Erratic updates in 2011, mostly due to being busy with school and at my internship. Still, I think there are enough links to reflect on.

Inter-Dis Material
I’m most pleased that we were able to start up Inter-Dis Material in September. We missed one month, November, but had two December shows to make up for it. Once again we’ll shoot for every month in 2012, but I think we all know that won’t happen. Here are the links for this years’ shows.
December #1
December #2

How did I only do one Notebook post this whole year? Terrible on my part. So I have little to choose from for my favorite Notebook entry:

On Cash Cab a contestant named David called his partner David. I hadn’t though of this before, but I’m against same name marriage.

From 12/10.

Question of the Day
Same goes for the QOTD, just one, and no responses.

What would you do with an old High School?

Top 10 Posts
1. Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
2. Robot Chicken: Footloose Peanuts
3. Breaking Bad on Netflix
4. Ice Cream Helmets have a home
5. Hulu – Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: Andy and Pee-Wee’s Night Out
6. Tosh.0 Viewer Video – Car Crash
7t. I was going to use iCloud email
7t. Robot Chicken: Mario Meets Parents
9. I was excited for iMessage
10. I Want: Philadelphia Union Scarf

One Last Link
Here’s where I drop a link that hasn’t been mentioned. While I was going through the old posts this is my favorite clip that I forgot about. It’s from Norm’s Sports Show that was on Comedy Central. A sad year for sports shows on Comedy Central. Norm’s was good and The Onion’s was really good, and they canceled them both. This was the best segment from Norm’s show: ‘Wait, What?’ This one features stick horses: Wait, What? Stick Horse Edition

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