Board Game Commercials: Trouble, Mouse Trap, Crocodile Dentist

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I posted about board games last month after I had come across a great board game related QOTD from years ago. While I was thinking about them I spent a little time on YouTube checking out old board game ads from the 80s. The type with poor production value and cheesy jingles than rocket me back to my childhood. I could probably include a ton here, but I’ll try and choose a few and maybe do this again soon.


‘Hey, wanna get in to trouble?’ I’m not sure this one can be topped. Even loading it up again to post this, I had to stop because I didn’t want the jingle in my head for another three days. But seriously, I think it’s about time for a comeback of popamatic bubble games.

Mouse Trap

I knew to look this one up. I always loved the Mouse Trap commercials. The game looked so amazing. That seemingly gigantic contraption with so many parts that appeared to work together seamlessly. I never had the game for myself but I remember playing it a time or two at friends houses. All I really remember about it was that it took forever to set up and it didn’t work at all.

Crocodile Dentist

This one caught my eye while looking at the Mouse Trap ad. It caught my eye because I haven’t thought about it since the commercial aired. I certainly remember seeing it a hundred times. I didn’t have this one either, but I didn’t really care to. I can only imagine the number of oral surgeons who got their start here. If this game were invented today I’m sure Disney would snatch it up and do a Peter Pan/Captain Hook tie-in.

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