Baseball – Top Series for Week 23

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Looking like a solid weekend coming up with Rays/Red Sox and Dodgers/Giants.Could be the last shot for the Rays in the Wild Card and the Giants for the division (and losses will hurt their Wild Card chances as well).

Early in the week I’m going to be pulling for the Mets to take out the Marlins, ick. I’ll get my Mets hatred back for their weekend series in Philly.

Top 10 Rated Series for Week 23
Rangers @ Indians Mon Sep 07 3 Games
Twins @ Blue Jays Mon Sep 07 4 Games
Athletics @ White Sox Tue Sep 08 2 Games
Marlins @ Mets Tue Sep 08 3 Games
Braves @ Astros Tue Sep 08 3 Games
Rays @ Red Sox Fri Sep 11 3 Games
Dodgers @ Giants Fri Sep 11 3 Games
Brewers @ Diamondbacks Fri Sep 11 3 Games
Blue Jays @ Tigers Fri Sep 11 4 Games
Braves @ Cardinals Fri Sep 11 3 Games

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