Awesome and Awesomer Music News

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First, awesome:

Max Bemis Confirms New Two Tongues
Max Bemis has confirmed that Two Tongues will release another album.

Of course you know, so this is just reminding you. Max Bemis is in Say Anything, who has their own album coming out in the spring. Two Tongues is him and Chris Conley, his usual spot is in Saves the Day. Both bands are awesome and together, the first Two Tongues album (Amazon Spotify) was pretty great.

What could be awesomer?

2gether Reunite. Joe Deandrea is Stoaked.
The MTV created boy band 2ge+her is reuniting with a huge TV special.

Everyone’s dreams have come true. I’m in, if only to find out if they can top Calculus.

Ok, a song songs, unrelated, but these have been in my queue to share for a while (and I couldn’t choose between these two) …

Candy Hearts – Good Enough and Tongue Tied

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