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Top Five TV Shows Currently On

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I’m limiting this to shows on the Fall schedule. 24 and Scrubs won’t be on my list but would be right up at the top if they were on right now.

1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Heroes
4. Veronica Mars
5. How I Met Your Mother

The Office is far and away the front runner here. Not only is it the funniest show on right now, I’ve even been on board for the romantic parts of the show that some people seem to hate. Needless to say, I’m pumped for the new love triangle.

I liked Lost a lot better watching them straight through on DVD. Still its an incredibly well done show that I couldn’t give up on even if it started to get really bad.

Heroes shot into the list quickly this season, its leveled off but I’m expecting big things the rest of the way.

Veronica Mars continues to be solid and I don’t know anyone besides my sister and I that watch the show. There is something very wrong with that. I don’t think anyone has watched the show, because I only think it takes one to get hooked.

I missed the first season of How I Met Your Mother and I’m kicking myself. Its been hilarious every week.

Studio 60 is inconsistent so far. One week its the best episode of the TV season and the next its blah. I think it has huge potential and am really happy that it got a whole season.
Grey’s Anatomy came into the season with high hopes. I have a love-hate relationship with the show but right now I hate it because its boring not because the characters are being evil.


You will soon be involved in many gatherings and parties.

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That was the fortune in my Fortune Cookie today. I’ve never heard any superstitions about fortune cookies but people must have some. If they don’t, they should. Here are some possible superstitions you could have about your fortune.

1. You must finish your meal before opening the Fortune Cookie.
Here you would have to define what finishing actually is. Its Chinese food so finished would have to be for that particular meal. There are always leftovers.

2. You cannot share your fortune.
Is it like a birthday wish? If you share it won’t come true. It seems like fortunes are always shared and discussed. Its the most enjoyable part of the Fortune Cookie.

3. You must eat the entire Fortune Cookie. Except of course for the fortune.
I don’t think I’ve ever eaten the cookie. However, I think this is the most logical superstition of the bunch.

For today I finished my food, by writing this I’m sharing, and I did not eat the cookie. I still hope that I will soon be involved in many gatherings and parties.


I Hate Decorative Holiday Towels

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Its that time of year, the decorative holiday towels have been un-boxed and a series of them will be rotating through the kitchen and bathrooms here at home. Out of all the decorations that come throughout the year these easily reach the Top 3 along with bells attached to doors and anything that plays music when motion is detected.

It starts around here with Halloween. You have your towels with ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, all sorts of spooky things. Then it moves right on to Thanksgiving: Turkeys, Pilgrims, perhaps some corn or falling leaves. Then things just get out of hand with Christmas. Santa and his reindeer, Frosty and his frozen friends, snow, snow, and more snow.

I understand the idea of going all out in decorating for the holidays. I was conditioned from birth that for the holidays the house is to be transformed into something completely unrecognizable from what you are used to. I would accept the towels as part of this package but something goes very wrong. These towels are a quarter the size of the normal hand/dish towels. Not only that, the decoration is some sort of plastic that takes up the majority of surface area. Making the towels unable to perform their natural duty: to dry things, such as my hands.

There are some simple solutions that would please me. The easy way is just to have colored towels with nothing on them. That would be plenty festive. If you must have your plastic pictures on there then please, make the towels a little bigger so that its not costing me any drying space.

I’ve never heard anyone else complain about these but I think everyone has secretly been cursing these things and not telling anyone because the idea is preposterous. Who would be upset with such adorable little towels?


I’m 24, Single, and Live With My Parents

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Ok, so I guess the fact that I’m employed makes me a somewhat functioning member of society. Still, as my Mom has been so lovingly saying over the past few weeks, “You’re going to be 24 and what have you accomplished?” She says that in her ‘I love you and all but seriously …’ voice. It did get me thinking, what are the accomplishments a 24 year old should have reached by this point in life? Here are the few big ones I came up with.

Graduate College: Check. Its been almost a year and a half now, which is hard to believe. Do I have to go to grad school? I don’t think its a requirement. I’m on the fence about going myself. What I do know is that I’m not going to grad school just to go, I will have a clear goal in mind.

Have a Job: Check. It took a little while to find the job, a little longer to start getting paid, and then a while longer until I was actually given work to do. Its actually more complicated than that sounds, if you can believe it. I actually have a really good job for such a recent graduate. I think my salary is fairly decent, I get 27 paid days off a year (if you count holidays), hours are flexible and I don’t have to work much overtime. The work isn’t stressful and my co-workers are easy to get along with. It could be better: I could have internet at my desk and be allowed to bring in my iPod. Just things I will be aware of if the next job I look for is in the same field.

Move Out: Not yet. I see both sides to this argument. My side … I have a reasonable commute, I get along with my Mom and Step-Dad just fine, and of course its cheaper. Yes, I do pay rent but its not that much considering it includes food and utilities. Paying for a cable package like this on my own would make me go broke within days. Not having to worry about making dinner every night is another huge plus. The other side … To me the most appealing thing your own place is the space. I feel like I’m still living at college, just without a roommate. All my stuff is packed into one room. I don’t have a separate room to put things. I don’t have a living room with a sofa and coffee table. Everything I own is either in my room or stored somewhere else (basement, garage, etc.). I’m not someone who stays out to all hours or does things that my parents will have a problem with causing tension in the house. I’m not planning on moving out just to do it and cross another thing off the checklist. Put this one on the Things to Accomplish by 25 list.

Be in a Relationship/Married: Nada. Sometime in the future a discussion will have to be had on the merits of this being an accomplishment. For my generation this concern likely moves to the list of accomplishments by 30. So I’m not worried about this too much right now.


MTV Tr3s

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MTV en Espanol is now MTV 3, well actually its MTV Tres, if you really want to get specific its MTV Tr3s. From what I can tell its still Spanish music videos but the commercals and VJs are in English. They have this ad that seems to last 10 minutes where they take Amercian groups and show who you’d like in Spanish. Interesting, if, ya know, I could understand the band they are trying to recommend. Just go all Spanish. I’m not watching either way.

Now, MTV, if you are going to number the Spanish version of your channel, you might as well keep going. Besides the first 3 MTVs I also get MTV Hits and MTV Jams (those channls may actually end with z’s knowing MTV). That sounds a whole lot like MTV 4 and 5 to me. We won’t get into MHD and where that falls into the numbering. Its sort of a hybrid channel for MTV, VH1, and CMT. I think if I tried to number the VH1 channels I’d get a headache.

What they really need to do is just have MTV play music videos all the time. Then have your MTV Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. channels. One channel for each genre that shows videos and I’ll allow concerts and profiles of bands. Then you have a whole separate channel, one that doesn’t even have the word music in the title. Here you can put on all your Real Worlds, Road Rules, Date My Moms, and whatever else you please. MTV has so much of this content they could have two channels of this. I’d be in for older stuff such as Real World seasons, Sand Blast, Idiot Savant, and Remote Control. There is probably tons of gold hidden in the vault that came before my time. My only reservations with these two channels is that I would have to delete them immediately from my TV. As soon as I turned them on, I’d be hooked for the day.


Links – 9/27/06

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The Office Gaydar – In case you missed the end of The Office season premiere.

PhoneSpell – See what you can spell with your phone number.

Emo Farm

Mathematics Genius – Some excellent answers to math problems.

Weatherman attacked by Cockroach
News Guy attacked by Lizard

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie out in February

Get Smart on DVD – Something tells me I’m going to spend $200 on these.

Lucky Louie Cancelled – Very disappointing, they show wound up being excellent by the end of the season.

Why I Hate Zach Braff – If you didn’t figure it out this guy isn’t happy that Zach Braff is becoming the voice of his generation.

Judging your friends by their Netflix lists – Don’t let people see your queue.

Cobra Starship – New Music!


Links – 9/14/06

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Zune – Mircosoft announced their Media Player. Its feature list looks nice but I’m not expecting it to work nicely with my Mac, so no go for me.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2006 – You need an NES emulator, it sounds pretty cool.

Norm Macdonald wants to do a fake news show.
NBC is going to stream the first few episodes of its new shows.
NFL Network and Comcast make a deal. The NFL games on the channel will be available to Comcast customers.

My Next …
Hard Drive – Western Digital 160gb 2.5″, this should be the drive that I put in my Macbook.
Camera – I’m had my eye on the Canon SD700 IS (I love Canon cameras). I likely will be choosing between the SD900 and SD800 IS.
Video Game Console – Nintendo Wii, announced today. Will be out November 19th for $250, it includes Wii Sports.


The Janke Chronicles – Episode 5

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Co-Host: Matt

Crocodile Hunter
Matt Moved
New Roommate
MSN Smilies
Kelli Story Corrections
College Football
-Penn State – Notre Dame
Seattle Burgers
Denny’s Cocktail Lounge
Questions for Matt

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Penn State 34 Akron 16

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College Football has returned. Finally! It doesn’t seem like that long since the Orange Bowl, I guess because that game seemed as if it was never going to end. Penn State started off this year with Akron.



Links – 9/2/06

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Rocks thrown at Nickleback – They left the stage after 2 songs.

Colbert iPod commercial.

SimCity for Nintendo DS – Possibly the perfect game for DS.

Lockheed Martin to Build New Shuttle
NASA – Pics

Olbermann’s comment about Rumsfeld from Countdown this week.

New Music
Plus 44 – Mark and Travis from Blink 182’s new band. The song will play when you load the page. CD will be called “When Your Heart Stops Beating” and will be out by the end of the year.
Senses Fail – New CD “Still Searching” October 10th.
Spitalfield – New CD “Better Than Knowing Where You Are” October 3rd.