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Does anyone like Caffeine-Free coke?

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Have you tried Caffeine-Free Coke recently? It seems that every few years I will think to myself, “I hear caffeine isn’t so good for you and sometimes I’d like to be able to have a Coke and have it not keep me awake, I think I’ll try it.” I always immediately regret that decision on first sip. The memory eventually fades and the cycle will begin again. Apparently I’m not the only one who despises it.


Playing with Fire

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Here at the house, new fire extinguishers have been purchased. I think we had at least one in the house before now, but I really can’t be sure. I think this purchase is a result of the tablecloth on the dining room table catching fire on Christmas Day. I had been wondering where the fire extinguishers were located in the house. I assumed we had them and had some theories on where I would look should the situation present itself. Probably not the best idea. The new ones are still in the boxes. They should probably be taken out of the box and placed strategically around the house so we can forget we have them again.


I want announcers that watch football games

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I’m always disgusted with announcers and football coverage in general. I could go on for hours about on screen graphics, sounds, and ads. The recent trend that has been driving me especially crazy is announcers that appear to only watch SportsCenter and listen to hype than actually watch the games.


Macworld 2007

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From time to time I will share some computer/technology related items that I think will be of interest to more than just me. I’ll do my best to keep it to the important stuff that normal people might care about.

Today Apple announced some major new products including the iPhone and Apple TV. Here is my quick overview of what was announced.


Top 5 Concerts Attended

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5) Lucky Boys Confusion – Free concert at school. Ouside, they played at 2pm. It was pouring. I think there were 25 people watching them, 3 of which knew the songs. It was awesome.

4) Oasis – Because it was my first, maybe 1998. Cornershop opened. You might remember Cornershop from their song Brim Full of Asha. Apparently that was their only English song. I swear one of their songs went on for 45 minutes. Oasis put on a great show and they were my favorite band at the time.

3) Fall Out Boy – I first saw them Fall of 2003. They were the first of 4 bands, Rufio being the headliner. It was on a Sunday and the place was half empty.

2) Good Charlotte – This was free at school. The room was not made for concerts. The place was packed and everyone was going nuts. This was my Freshman Year, 2001. Way before Good Charlotte was too popular and too not good anymore.

1) Blink 182/Green Day – Wound up in the 2nd row behind the pit for Green Day. This was before American Idiot. They played all of their hits. Sadly, Blink 182 followed them. I love Blink but they should not follow Green Day.


No Deal

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The most popular gift in the house this year was a handheld version of Deal or No Deal. Everyone has been playing it: the family, the relatives, any friends or visitors, I think I even saw the dogs playing it. One person hasn’t touched it: Me. What’s the point?

The game itself on TV is pointless, I’ll admit to watching an episode or two. It has that reality show appeal that if you watch a few minutes you need to follow through to the end. There is an element of drama, however there is no skill. It’s pure luck.

So who would want to play the home game where there isn’t anything at stake? Why would you ever take the Bankers offer? Just play to the end to see what was in the case you selected. Better yet, save yourself the time of having to open all the other cases. Write all the possible amounts on paper, put them in a hat, and pick one. Not only is it much quicker, you didn’t have to buy the game or even leave the house.


Questions and Other Stuff

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11 Trippy Questions
These are a blast. If you can remember these you can make people feel really stupid. Of course you don’t want to tell them how stupid you felt the first time you read these.

The Unanswered Questions from Slate
Some good questions, most of which do not have an answer, which makes them all the more fun.

Do blind people dream?
A great great question.

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
Don’t have headache yet today? There are 67 illusions here, that should do the trick.

Saying Yes to Mess
Messy people are smarter. I already knew this, but here’s some extra proof.


I’d even get tired of everyone telling me how great I am

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If I worked in an office that had a radio station playing all day, I think I’d want that station to be XPN – UPenn’s ‘Listener Supported’ Station, all sorts of music I’ve never heard. The summer I worked at Weight Watchers they had B101 on all the time. I swear the same songs were played in the same order everyday. For those non-Philly people B101 is adult contemporary. When I went back for Winter Break that year they had switched to Oldies 98, which was awesome.

It scares me to think that people who think they like Fall Out Boy have never listened to Take This To Your Grave. I have timing. Its always good or bad, usually bad. I’ve never had average timing. I think I could go for some average timing or no timing at all.

Off the Books
If I were a reader and didn’t already have a stack of books I want to 
read this would certainly be on the list.

Every morning I start my day at work with a Snack Pack, usually its banana. Recently the tops to the pudding have not been coming off smoothly. I seem to have hit a bad batch. Nearly every day it tears or doesn’t even open. I have to resort to using a spoon and potentially getting banana pudding all over everything. This is quite disappointing after so many months of reliable pudding tops.

What happend to ‘Santa Stop Here’ signs? They came out of no where one year and every single house had one, even ones that didn’t celebrate Christmas. They disappeared as quickly as they came.

The biggest draw back to having my own morning radio show would be having to do meet and greets with fans. I’m sure I’d love the fans but I think I’d get really tired of saying hi and shaking hands. I’d even get tired of everyone telling me how great I am. I mean I’m already tired of that and I don’t even have a radio show.


Do you want Baby Jesus to freeze?

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December means Christmas but the first of the month means one thing: Advent Calendars. I don’t know what it was about these things but they were a staple of every December evening when I was little. Usually my sister and I would each have one. Each day they would tell part of a story. We would recite from memory the previous nights and then open that night’s door.

Some years, if my parents found one on sale after the previous Christmas, we would get an Advent Calendar with candy behind each door. We would have to trade off each night which one of us would get the piece of chocolate, its a good thing there were only two of us. If we were bad on our day, then we would lose our chocolate for the night and the other sibling would benefit. I can’t think of a more severe punishment from my childhood than the nights when I was denied the chocolate, likely as a result of something I did to my sister. Looking back it makes no sense. It was a tiny piece of year old chocolate that likely wasn’t even good when it was fresh.

Another tradition, which oddly enough depended on if my sister and I behaved each day was putting hay in the manger. Baby Jesus was not placed in our Nativity Scene until Christmas morning. Its just crazy to have him in there before, he wasn’t born yet. Each night depending on how good we were, we got to put hay into the manger. If we were really good then we got more hay. If we were bad during the day we’d be threatened with “Do you want Baby Jesus to freeze?” If we didn’t wise up, then no hay went in. On those rare occasions where the ultimate punishment was in order, hay was removed from the manger. I love how religion brings families together.

One year Baby Jesus didn’t make it into the manger. Christmas morning came and Mom couldn’t find him. He was never found. We just assumed he had his holidays confused and he ascended.


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

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I have no luck when it comes to cars. Scratch that, my cars have no luck.

Last night my Mom backed her car into mine. In the driveway! The result of being backed into was scrapes on the passenger side going from the wheel to the back of the car.

I’ve been concerned about bumping into one of the other cars in the mornings because our driveway is so dark, the black mini-van is usually behind me, down the driveway, and the back window is usually fogged or icy. The driveway also narrows toward the end which barely allows for two cars to fit. Oh, and its 6am, so I’m wide awake.

It wasn’t even the first time that this has happened. My Freshman year of college my car stayed at home and my sister backed into it. Completely dented all around one of the front wheels. The car was older and wasn’t worth fixing. Still, my sister was so scared of my reaction I wasn’t told until right before the next time I was coming home. Try and imagine the different in anger level when your 8 year old car is hit compared to an 8 month old car.

Only one of my cars has ever been totaled. I wasn’t even in it at the time. My sister, only having had her permit for a few days took our car (it was both of ours) out with my step-dad to practice. In the neighborhood across the street a bus ran a stop sign and turned right into the car. It was entirely the bus driver’s fault (crazy side note: the bus driver was related to my dad). I wound up running to the other neighborhood only to see them attempting to drive it back. One of the saddest sights I’ve ever seen. The only bright spot was that my sister said the CD didn’t skip. It was Green Day’s Warning. From then on the car that replaced that one I referred to as mine, my sister had half and car and she broke it.

While the worst damage seems to occur when I’m not in the car I haven’t entirely avoided car trouble. Just a few weeks ago my car got a flat. That was somewhat stressful but I bought extra warranty for my tires so it didn’t cost me a dime. My real bad day happened back in high school. My car was sounding funny on the way to work. I decided to go back home and borrow one of the other cars. Something seemed wrong with that car as well on the way, but I was out of options. When I made it to work I found it had a flat tire. Fantastic. The day I broke two cars is still discussed to this day. Hey, at least I didn’t back into a parked car.