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ICH: Baseball Series Picks – Week 12

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I had some difficulties picking this week. Seems like a lot of even match ups. Of course ESPN is going Yankees/Mets for Sunday Night. 

The most shocking part of this week’s distribution? Three people made their 10 picks and no one disagreed. There was some variation on which series were picked, but the winners were all agreed upon.

What does that mean? Mariners/Padres and Dodgers/Angels are the stay aways. Mariners and Padres are indeseripherably awful. Which means …

Series of the Weekend: Dodgers @ Angels

Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Series Picks
Pick Distribution – Week 12
Away Team Home Team First Game of Series
Rays 100% 0% Phillies Fri Jun 22
Giants 100% 0% Athletics Fri Jun 22
Mariners Padres Fri Jun 22
Cubs 0% 100% Diamondbacks Fri Jun 22
Nationals 100% 0% Orioles Fri Jun 22
Blue Jays 0% 100% Marlins Fri Jun 22
Brewers 0% 100% White Sox Fri Jun 22
Yankees 100% 0% Mets Fri Jun 22
Dodgers Angels Fri Jun 22
Tigers 100% 0% Pirates Fri Jun 22
Rockies 0% 100% Rangers Fri Jun 22
Twins 0% 100% Reds Fri Jun 22
Braves 0% 100% Red Sox Fri Jun 22
Indians 100% 0% Astros Fri Jun 22
Cardinals 100% 0% Royals Fri Jun 22
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ICH: Baseball Series Picks – Week 11

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What’s the most interesting series of the weekend? Yankees-Nats? Still a few hours to make your picks. Here is the pick distribution as of posting.

Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Series Picks
Pick Distribution – Week 11
Away Team Home Team First Game of Series
Yankees Nationals Fri Jun 15
Giants 100% 0% Mariners Fri Jun 15
Reds Mets Fri Jun 15
Brewers 100% 0% Twins Fri Jun 15
Red Sox 100% 0% Cubs Fri Jun 15
Rockies 0% 100% Tigers Fri Jun 15
Phillies Blue Jays Fri Jun 15
Marlins Rays Fri Jun 15
Royals 0% 100% Cardinals Fri Jun 15
Padres 0% 100% Athletics Fri Jun 15
White Sox 0% 100% Dodgers Fri Jun 15
Diamondbacks 0% 100% Angels Fri Jun 15
Orioles 0% 100% Braves Fri Jun 15
Pirates Indians Fri Jun 15
Astros 0% 100% Rangers Fri Jun 15
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ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

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ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

A few weeks ago I updated the Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Standings page to include playoff chances. Right now it just makes predictions based on run differential so far and the future schedule.

Ice Cream Helmet  Baseball

It should update each morning as the scoreboard is updated. At some point I’ll work on some more complex predictions. I hope to have something similar for each sport.

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ICH Final Four Picks

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At least someone picked each of the Final Four participants, meaning one person selected Louisville. Kentucky was the favorite at the start and they look to have a path to the title. Ohio State was the only one of the four to not be picked to win the title. Likely due to the Penn State leanings of many of the participants. I made the bold pick of Missouri to win it all, so I was done real quick.

See the entire ICH Pick Distribution.

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Divisional Playoff ICH Pick Breakdown

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Saturday, January 15, 2011
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Baltimore 67% 3.5 33% Pittsburgh 4:30pm
Green Bay 33% 1.5 67% Atlanta 8:00pm
Sunday, January 16, 2011
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Seattle 50% 9.5 50% Chicago 1:00pm
New York Jets 67% 8.5 33% New England 4:30pm

I’ve been having trouble deciding on which game to use my wager points on for my ICH group this week. I’m leaning toward the Bears.

It may be surprising that I’m considering the one matchup that is split. I’m not surprised by the split. Nobody watched the Seahawks all year before last week. Then saw them beat a Saints team that didn’t show up and they were home. How quickly everyone forgets they were terrible in a terrible division. Their win last week is one of my three biggest reasons I hate the NFL.

Make Picks

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Kentucky Derby Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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The post positions were set today, so you can now make your picks.

Make ICH Picks

You pick how you expect all 20 horses to finish. The default scoring is as follows (you can change any of these values if you create your own group):

Correct Pick: 2 points
Correct Win: 20 points
Correct Place: 10 points
Correct Show: 5 points
Correct Last: 1 point
1 Finish Position off: 1 point
Each Finish Position off by more than 1: -0.2 points (If you pick a horse to finish 5th and it finished 7th, that is 2 positions off, so you would get 0.8 points)

Perhaps a little complicated, but I wanted something more than just Win, Place, Show. It’s so difficult to get finish positions exactly right, so I wanted some value in being close. Create your groups with whatever settings you like. If you have some suggestions to improve the default scoring, leave a comment.

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ICH 2010 Winter Olympics Final Standings

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The Winter Olympics are all done. Time to take a look at the final ICH Standings. Only two other people made picks. Evan spent some time making his picks. I really just picked one country per discipline and picked that country for all the events. Check out February’s IDM featuring a recap of the Winter Olympics.

2010 Winter Olympics

Rank Name Gold Silver Bronze Points
1 evan05 38 21 21 274
2 Mike 22 18 17 181
3 gina 3 3 3 27

Points – Gold: 5, Silver: 3, Bronze: 1

ICH Olympics

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ICH Football Picks Final Standings

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With the Super Bowl over, here are the final standings for picks for this season. The scores here are for correct picks during the regular season and playoffs.

Rank Name Score
1 mattorix 140
2 Mike 130
3 evan05 105
4 Ahad 85
5 beast235 73
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Winter Olympics on Ice Cream Helmet

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Olympic Pickem, if that’s what you want to call it, is here and ready for you to make your picks.

I’d wanted to do something for the last Olympics but I couldn’t wrap my head around a decent idea. The Winter Games has a lot fewer events. So I started with something simple. Just pick a country in each of the 86 events. If that country wins a medal, you get points. Simple enough. No dealing with individual athletes, that would get confusing in half a second.

Olympics Picks Site – Go here to sign-up or create your own group. If you have your own group, you can set the point values for different medals. Maybe to you, silver is just one of the losers.

Make Your ICH Picks – Open to everyone, just need an ICH account.

If you have suggestions for next time around, leave them in the comments.

Some things I thought of that I’d like feedback on …
I didn’t include any sort of wager or confidence points.
The country list is the same for every event. I didn’t have time to research what countries had participants in each event.
Perhaps a subset of the most popular events would be a better option.
Maybe each country can only be selected once (or a set number of times). I’d imagine some people would just pick the USA in every event.
Deadlines before each event. This year all picks have to be in before the 1st event starts on the morning of February 12th.