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The AP Pre-Season Rankings for the NFL came out about a month ago. They are called the AP Pro 32 (catchy, huh?). I forget how I came across them, but I feel like they should get a lot more attention. They likely haven’t gotten that much press because every sports site does their own Power Rankings.

Who runs the AP? I’d like to know because I’m curious why it took so long to branch out from college football and basketball. There should be weekly rankings for every sport and even things like MVP races. I just thought of the MVP idea and I love it. Pre-season MVP rankings. What happens to a player on a bye week or an injury. Will someone drop if he sits at the end of the year since their playoff position is set. So many questions and I want to see what would happen.

I like it for the purpose of more arguments but also because it would make professional pickem games on Ice Cream Helmet easier to figure out. ‘Which NHL games to pick this week? Here’s a game with two top 10 teams. Done.’

The Packers came out at #1 with the Patriots and Giants each getting some 1st place votes. The Colts are solidly in last.

My biggest problem with this list: so few voters. Just 12. You could easily get sports writers from each NFL city and from each of the major networks. No excuse for less than 40 voters.

AP NFL Voters:
Chris Berman, ESPN
Clifton Brown, Sporting News
Cris Collinsworth, NBC Sports
Rich Gannon, CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio
Bob Glauber, Newsday
Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News
Clark Judge, CBSSports.com
Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune
Pat Kirwan, SiriusXM NFL Radio/CBSSports.com
John Lynch, Fox Sports
Alex Marvez, Foxsports.com
Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune

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