Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Oregon vs. Arizona

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Daron: Oregon Zona?

Justin: okay…The Nick Foles-Mike Stoops Experience!

Daron: Masoli Ravioli E. Coli vs. Sunshine! (Justin Note DAMN YOU LACK OF EMBED)

Justin: its beautiful. They smell roses! I smell Luke Ridnour? +2 for the rhymes , -1 for the .300 average line…But overall, its some good fan work…Which is good, because I don’t really have a lot to say about this game. And this helps

Daron: hahahaha

Justin: +25 for Eggos reference

Daron: Nick Foles has been good

Justin: better than Kirk Cousins for sure (ohhhhh here’s to the 0 people who will get that reference outside of this conversation)

Daron: Except for when he played last week…And well played, but yeah

Justin: i mean

Daron: Oregon can be gashed

Justin: I miss Willie Tuitama?

Daron: their D is not impervious

Justin: of course

Daron: but, ya know, Arizona has gotten by on not having to do much and I don’t see that happening here

Justin: I don’t either

Daron: well, at least not having to FACE much

Justin: I’m thinking something in the neighborhood of 31-17

Daron: I have a problem with that…In that when Oregon gets it going, of late, they tend to not take their foot off of the gas. If O wins

Justin: hmm, true

Daron: and I think they win, it’s more like 45-24

Justin: okay, fair enough

Daron: I’d like otherwise

Justin: oh i know

Daron: but won’t happen, I don’t think. I want Chaos

Justin: chaosititude!

Daron: and I want it bad…baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Justin: that’s cute of you

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