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09/10 Bowls: Jan 4-7

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TCU vs Boise St, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan 4, 8pm, Glendale, AZ)
Mike: The Secondary Bowl. Two teams playing their hearts out in a game that should matter, but it doesn’t. I actually know little about these teams. It’s TCU’s turn to be the mid-major that could (if only they had the chance). Pick: TCU
Ahad: This game doesn’t matter? That’s kind of rough. Boise has had their time in the spotlight. I like TCU in this matchup. Pick: TCU
Matt: I think this game does matter. It is just unfortunate that these teams didn’t get to play a team from a power conference or gain a spot in the Championship Game. Boise State has some nice memories from playing in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back, but like Mike said, it is TCU’s turn. I think they are the better team overall and will show it on the field. Pick: TCU
Evan: This game matters a lot. Here’s why – if this is a good, well-played game, the winning team is setting themselves to be pre-season top 5. Whether or not it is TCU or Boise, if either one of them start the year in the top 5 and duplicate the season they had this year, it will be difficult to keep them out of the championship game. Pick: Boise St

Georgia Tech vs Iowa, FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan 5, 8pm, Miami, FL)
Mike: I say that any matchup between GT and a decent team is going to be interesting. It’s hard to say how a team will handle the GT O. Iowa has a strong disciplined defense that could shut them down. The issue, as is usual for Iowa, is how will they score enough points to win. Pick: Georgia Tech
Ahad: The G-Tech offense will be tough for Iowa to stop. Iowa does have a talented defense that will have had plenty of time to prepare for the option attack. I just don’t think the Iowa offense will be able to keep up. Pick: G-Tech
Matt: This is just such an odd matchup that it is hard to predict. Iowa mostly overachieved this year but was able to make the big plays in the 4th quarter that turned the games in their favor. The thing that concerns me is the Georgia Tech defense. They didn’t always play that well throughout the season, so I think Iowa should be able to move the ball. I think the Iowa D will be able to keep the Tech option attack somewhat in check. If Iowa can consistently move the ball and put up points, I like them in this game. I just don’t see it happening. Pick: Georgia Tech
Evan: Iowa fans will turn Dolphin’s stadium into a field of dreams, it’s gonna be awesome baby! Pick: Iowa

Central Michigan vs Troy, GMAC Bowl (Jan 6, 7pm, Mobile, AL)
Mike: The most ridiculous bowl. Are they hoping someone confuses it for a BCS Bowl? Both teams went undefeated in conference. CMU held up better out of conference. Plus, Dan LeFevour wants you to know his name. Pick: Central Michigan
Ahad: Despite my dislike for directional schools, I will have to go with Central Michigan. Pick: Central Michigan
Matt: There needs to be some serious re-arranging of when bowl games are played next year. They should be played in order of importance or established tradition. This one needs to be pushed back to December. Onto the game, these teams had one common opponent this season: Bowling Green. Troy lost. Central Michigan won. That’s enough for me. Pick: Central Michigan
Evan: Chippewas all the way.

Alabama vs Texas, BCS Championship (Jan 7, 8pm, Pasadena, CA)
Mike: I don’t have much to say about this game. I’m unsure how much I will even watch. Bama Rolls in a fashion similar to a Tide. Pick: Alabama
Ahad: Texas has the better offense and Bama will be fighting the Heisman curse. Pick: Texas
Matt: Texas barely made it into this game, so they will be out to show they belong in it. Alabama has been the best team all season, and I don’t really see anything changing here. Pick: Alabama
Evan: Heisman curse, shmeisman curse. SEC wins its 4th straight BCS title. Pick: Bama

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