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09/10 Bowls: Dec 28-30

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Texas A&M vs Georgia, Independence Bowl (Dec 28, 5pm, Shreveport, LA)
Ahad: I am going to go against Evan here. Pick: Texas A&M
Mike: I find it hard to support 6-6 bowl teams. However, Georgia was only a game away from that mark. Still, a non-conference loss to Ok State is a lot more appealing than anything A&M has to offer. A&M did have to play Ok State, but that’s a conference game for them. Pick: Georgia
Evan: How. Dare. You. Pick: UGA
Matt: Both teams have been very inconsistent this season but had good showings in their final regular season game, even though A&M lost. Both defenses are bad, but A&M’s is worse, so I give a slight edge to Georgia. Pick: Georgia

UCLA vs Temple, EagleBank Bowl (Dec 29, 4:30pm, Washington, DC)
Ahad: I am looking forward to this one. This is the type of game that will make Temple a legit program. Look for the Owls to bounce back after the disappointing performance in their last game. Pick: Temple
Mike: What an accomplishment to make it to the EagleBank Bowl. You get to travel to DC in late December and play on a Tuesday afternoon. Here again we have a 6-6 major conference team. Also a team with a more powerful program than Temple (but who doesn’t). The non-football factors I’m considering: UCLA may not be all that interested, they have to travel across the country, and it’s going to be just barely above freezing and breezy. Pick: Temple
Evan: I am not looking forward to this at all. Pick: UCLA
Matt: I am not looking forward to this game either. I haven’t seen Temple play really this season (I missed the PSU game), but I can’t picture them being able to beat UCLA. I do agree with Mike in that UCLA has several factors going against them and probably aren’t that motivated to play in this game. Temple will be super motivated but I don’t think it will be enough to get them the win. Pick: UCLA

Miami (FL) vs Wisconsin, Champs Sports Bowl (Dec 29, 8pm, Orlando, FL)
Ahad: Miami has too much talent and speed for the Badgers. Pick: Miami
Mike: Outside of that odd Northwestern loss, Wisconsin had a solid year. Almost identical to Penn State. Looking at the results, Miami had a nice year as well. Miami always seems to have the talent but usually will make the mistakes to beat themselves. Especially in games against solid opponents like Wisconsin. Pick: Wisconsin
Evan: Wisconsin always gets pumped for bowl games, especially when it’s in Florida and their fans get to escape the tundra. Pick: Wisconsin
Matt: Miami has more talent than Wisconsin, but the Badgers are more disciplined and don’t make the crippling mistakes Miami does. I think Wisconsin’s workman-like approach will outshine the flashiness of the U. Pick: Wisconsin

Idaho vs Bowling Green, Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl (Dec 30, 4:30pm, Boise, ID)
Ahad: Bowling Green
Mike: I’m going to have to defer to Ahad’s in-depth analysis. Even though the game is in Idaho I have no knowledge of them being any good. I don’t have much knowledge of BG being any good either. The only ranked opponent Idaho played was Boise St and they lost by 38. BG played them and only lost by 35. I think that makes things pretty crystal. Pick: Bowling Green
Evan: Bowling Green is going to rally behind their former Coach (like 7 years ago), Urban Meyer. Pick: Whatever Bowling Green’s mascot is.
Matt: Idaho has turned their program around and I think their coach was an early season coach of the year candidate before they lost a couple games in a row. I don’t know too much about Bowling Green, but I do like that Idaho will have the home crowd advantage. Pick: Idaho

Nebraska vs Arizona, Holiday Bowl (Dec 30, 8pm, San Diego, CA)
Ahad: Nebraska had a good showing against Texas, but I think that was a fluke performance by their defense. Suh is a big time player, but won’t be able to take this game over. Pick: Arizona
Mike: I like this one. Can Arizona score at all against Nebraska? I think the Nebraska D can put them in a potition to put some easy points on the board. Pick: Nebraska
Evan: I think Nebraska blew their wad against Texas. They won’t remember how to play that well again. Pick: Arizona
Matt: I can’t get the image of Nebraska’s defensive mauling of Texas out of my head. But can they put up some points? I think they force some turnovers and score enough to win. Pick: Nebraska

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