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09/10 Bowls: Dec 26-27

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Ohio vs Marshall, Little Caesars Pizza Bowl (Dec 26 1pm, Detroit, MI)
Evan: Hmmm, I haven’t heard anything about Marshall this year, but I did finally watch the movie. On paper, Ohio looks a lot better. Pick: Ohio
Ahad: I really didn’t like the movie. Ohio was good enough to beat Temple; they are good enough win this game. Pick: Ohio
Mike: How many people are excited to see a 6-6 Marshall team in a bowl? Pick: Ohio
Matt: Boy, I would really like to pick Ohio, but I haven’t been doing so well with the bowl picks so far. Couple that with not really liking any teams from the state of Ohio, and I will go with Marshall. Pick: Marshall

North Carolina vs Pittsburgh, Meineke Car Care Bowl (Dec 26, 4:30pm, Charlotte, NC)
Evan: This is practically a home fame for UNC, but I’m starting to come around on this Pitt team. I think Wanndstat wants to be relevant again. Winning this game will not make that happen. Pick: Pitt
Ahad: I still don’t like Pitt, but I think they will win this game. Pick: Pttt
Mike: I haven’t had a good feeling with UNC all year. They probably should have been better than 4-4 in the ACC. They lost to UVa and blew it against FSU. I’ve said multiple times this year that I’m a fan of this Pitt team. Pick: Pittsburgh
Matt: Pitt is clearly the better team in this matchup, but they will need to step up on defense. If they don’t, they could go home a loser for the 3rd game in a row. I think they get the job done, though. Pick: Pitt

Boston College vs USC, Emerald Bowl (Dec 26, 8pm, San Francisco, CA)
Evan: Everyone and their mom is thinking that USC has to finally wake up and play some defense right? I mean, they can’t be as bad as they have been playing. BC is going to come at this like its the super bowl. The question in will USC be too upset about their year, and consequently the bowl game they are in, to show up and play, or will Pete Carroll call out his players? I think with this long to get their heads right, the real USC shows up. Pick: Trojans
Ahad: Playing in this game has to be a disappointment for USC. They were expected to have a much better season. Carroll will have this team ready to go. This game could get ugly. Pick: USC
Mike: My least favorite bowl. The field just doesn’t look right at AT&T Park. USC has plenty of players disappointed by the season, looking toward the pros, or not sure if they are going to be allowed to make the trip. Still, there is a huge talent gap between them and BC. Pick: USC
Matt: Doesn’t it seem like USC ends up with essentially a home bowl game every year? To me, this game seems like no contest. I am sure BC will make a game of it, but I can’t see USC losing. Pick: USC

Kentucky vs Clemson, Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (Dec 27, 8:30pm, Nashville, TN)
Evan: Kentucky played very well at the end of the year, while Clemson did not. CJ spiller is looking to the NFL and is still smarting from not being invited to NYC for the Heisman. Pick: Kentucky
Ahad: Spiller will dominate this game. Pick: Clemson
Mike: I trust Evan’s picks for SEC conference games. Once they go out of conference I don’t trust him. It’s the finale of the CJ Spiller Show, which seems to have been running forever. After bowl season the Heisman voters will be wondering what they were thinking (especially after Ingram fails to show up). Pick: Clemson
Matt: Mike, why so anti-Ingram? Typically, the SEC team will dominate in these matchups, but I don’t see it happening here. CJ Spiller will have a big day in his final game. Pick: Clemson

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